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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 host Mohanlal: I will walk out from the show the moment it becomes scripted or biased

The fifth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is just a couple of hours away from its grand launch. Along with fans, superstar host Mohanlal is also excited about the show. Recently, the actor was seen LIVE on the official social media page of the channel airing the show and he has shared his expectations about the season.

“As every season passes, the team is keen on making the show more and more interesting for the viewers. Happy that the show is reaching more and more people. As the tagline suggests, it is the battle of originals this time. A bunch of people from different walks of life, who have had their own struggles in life, but faced them all with their own originality and became successful will be entering the house this time,” hints the actor.

Talking about the changes that the show can bring to a contestant, the actor shared that it is a purification process.

“There will be changes in the individual, maybe some self-revelations. The changes can be emotional, spiritual, financial, or professional. According to me, it is a process of psychological purification,” he said.

Further in the interaction, the ace actor shared that he is just a mediator.

“I am just a mediator between the contestants and the audience. We watch the show every day and address issues that need attention. It is an interesting yet challenging process,” he added.

Mentioning the fan fights that are happening during the show, the actor said that such reactions are good but there should be a sensible limit for all of them. When quizzed about the show being criticized as scripted, the actor replied that Bigg Boss can never be scripted.

“How can someone script a person’s emotional reactions? The show is all about the reflexes and emotional turmoils of an individual, which can never be predicted by another person. Bigg Boss is a national show and everything inside this is monitored. So, there is no room for biasing or favoritism. I would walk out of the show if it becomes that or someone asks me to do it,” the actor concluded.

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