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‘Krrish Loses… Jadoo Dies’ Hrithik Roshan Shares A Fact & A Rumour About 4th Instalment

The failure of Vikram Vedha hasn’t deterred Hrithik Roshan as he is busy with a massive line-up of upcoming films from Fighter, War 2 & Krrish 4.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla , Hrithik opened up about the highly anticipated Krrish 4 and may have given away a major spoiler about the film.

It so happened that Hrithik had teased about the return of Jadoo in Krrish 4 a few months earlier.

When asked if the fan-favourite alien is actually making a comeback, Hrithik replied, “You have to see the film for that. But there is magic.”

He was then asked to share one fact & one rumour about the upcoming superhero epic and after giving it much thought, Hrithik dropped a bomb, “Krrish loses… Jadoo Dies. It’s a tough one, tricky too”

Soon after Hrithik’s game of a “fact” & a “rumour”, fans started speculating which is what.

One fan wrote, “Krish losses is the truth, as I remember Rakesh Roshan saying That Krish 4 is going to be like Avengers Infinity War – Endgame”.

Another fan tweeted, “Krrish will lose, as there will also be K5”.

A third fan reacted, “Jaadoo k marne k bad krissh ki power khatam ho gayee”.

Check out the responses below:

Further talking about when fans can expect the official announcement, Hrithik said, “I think we should all get together and send out a little prayer. Everything is set (about Krrish 4) but we are stuck on one little technicality. Hopefully, we will overcome that by year end. Krrish 4 is definitely in the pipeline and it will happen real soon”

In the interview, Hrithik also talked about the possibility of War 2 & said, “Aditya Chopra is extremely secretive; I think you should just take it from my expression (on what’s happening). I am not saying anything.”

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