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Man Proves Kapil Sharma Uses Teleprompter On Show; Fans Rush To Defend Him: ‘He Still Made Us Laugh’

Famous for his candid and quick-witted remarks, Kapil Sharma, 41, never misses a chance to tease people, be it a celebrity or a common viewer. His jokes, that resonate with people, have become a source of entertainment for those who appreciate a good laugh.

Despite assumptions from many that he does not use a script to host his widely known show, one Instagram user noticed that he was using a teleprompter during one of the episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show.

In a video uploaded on the photo-sharing app, Kapil was seen hosting the start of the episode when someone behind the camera zoomed in at his background mirror. This showed the words scrolling on the monitor which were providing the comedian with directions on the show.

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This scene was being recorded on television when the person sharing it said, I thought Kapil’s jokes are an improv but one can find a teleprompter running on the mirror behind.”

Since being shared, the Instagram reel has gained more than 100K likes and many responses. Fans supporting Kapil Sharma, noted that this was obvious. “So, what happened brother, news anchors also do the same, and we enjoy listening, people laugh, what else do you want,” one person wrote, while another added, “It’s a part of a mandatory process, bro if you are doing a live performance then you have to make sure you don’t forget anything, coz it will affect the director and be a huge waste of time. So, it’s too common in reality shows shooting.”

Despite the varying opinions, one thing was clear – making people laugh was of utmost importance. “However, he made us laugh and make our life more entertaining,” remarked a user, while another added, ” But it’s a game of timing… Brother?”

The Kapil Sharma Show is loved by Indians who enjoy watching it every weekend. Several celebrities appear on Kapil’s show to endorse their movies and be part of the comedy show that is watched by thousands of people around the world.

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