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Mom-to-be Dipika Kakar diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Says ‘have bought a machine to…’

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Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim will be embracing parenthood soon. The actress is expecting her first child with her husband. Dipika is currently in her third trimester. The mom-to-be has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. However, the actress is doing fine as she has been given proper medicine for the same.


In her recent Vlog, Dipika Kakar opened up about being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. “I have been given proper medicines. I have been told to make a few lifestyle changes. I also bought a machine to test sugar level after every meal,” she said.

The actress further mentioned, “I did a gestational challenge test. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes which develops in 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. Even if someone doesn’t have diabetes prior to pregnancy, they can also develop. There is a potential risk of developing during this time of pregnancy. In the recent reports, my blood sugar level was quite high.”


On a concluding note, Dipika revealed that a lot of pregnant women develop this type of diabetes. 

“I kept thinking if I ate more mango, rice or sweets. But it also made me think that I would eat everything after consulting my doctor. It is very normal. Gestational diabetes doesn’t happen according to what you ate in the last months. As the baby and placenta grow, it releases many hormones. These hormones cause insulin resistance and that is the reason you develop gestational diabetes. Many pregnant women develop this and I also developed,” added Dipika.

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