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Sonam Kapoor Once Blasted A Journalist For Triggering Controversy Out Of Deepika Padukone Holding Her Sanitary Pad & Promoting Padman

Once actress Sonam Kapoor scolded a journalist during an event for bringing up Deepika Padukone’s name. Here is what happened next.

Actress Sonam Kapoor who is away from the screen for a while now is known for speaking her mind. From calling out her contemporaries to even schooling journalists for creating unnecessary controversies, she knows how to give it back like a boss.

Sonam once blasted a journalist during an event bringing up Deepika Padukone’s name. At an event, the actress was seen getting really upset over the journalist for triggering an unnecessary controversy.

The journalist had asked Sonam Kapoor if she deleted Deepika’s promotional post for Padman from her feed. Back then to promote Padman, many celebs including Deepika, held a pad in their hands and posted on their social media to remove the taboo around periods. The lead actors Akshay and Sonam then reposted those pictures on their feeds.

The question made Sonam Kapoor furious and she was quick to respond, “Nhi delete kiya gya hai. Agar aap mere instagram jaoge toh mil jayega. Aap bahut controversial question puchte hai, only women are doing it these days. Oh my god!!! I am happy some men are asking these questions, but I can’t imagine women asking such questions. You always do this, you don’t like other women. No, I haven’t deleted any of the posts. You go back and see they are all there. It was an instagram glitch. In fact, my followers have also increased in the last two days. So don’t please create a controversy where there is none. I expect a woman to support other women. You have to support other women so that we can go forward in life.”

Sonam Kapoor is currently enjoying her motherhood and she is happily married to Anand Ahuja. The actress was last seen in The Zoya Factor that released in the year 2019.


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