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‘There’ll Be Stones & Eggs Coming At You’ Kichcha Sudeep On Rashmika’s ‘Kantara’ Controversy

The Rishab Shetty-Rashmika Mandanna controversy has come to an end after Rashmika said that she has watched Kantara and even messaged the filmmakers and congratulated them, but people are just not giving up on the tussle as they want to juice out each and every possible content from the row.

Recently, Kannada superstar Kichcha Sudeep was asked about the controversy that is going on between the Kantara director and Pushhpa actress, to which he replied, “It is what it is. How can you change the world? If you go 15-20 years back, there were news channels interviewing us and all that was pretty new at the time. But if you go to Dr Rajkumar sir’s time, nothing was there except Doordarshan and papers… so, how can you say they were better because now suddenly the media is there? It’s wrong (to say that) because of media news everything is going wrong. We should learn to handle it. We should always move on. And once you’re a public figure, there will always be garlands; there will always be eggs, tomatoes and stones also coming at you”.

When asked about the massive online fan following that actors have nowadays, he said, “I think we should learn to face it and get stronger. When we know that this is going to happen, I think we will all be more polished in what we talk, how we speak or what we are supposed to say. You want to have an account on Facebook and Twitter and following of 2 or 10 million but you don’t want this negative thing? Really?”

Kichcha Sudeep’s upcoming film Kabza is going to release in February this year and recently, fans trolled the trailer of the film and called it ‘sasti KGF’ as the visuals were looking very similar to Prasanth Neel’s blockbuster.

Kabza will be released in February this year and will star Kichcha Sudeep and Upendra.


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