Chandra Grahan 2023 Date and Time in India: Check Do's and Don'ts

Alunar eclipse, also known as Chandra Grahan in India, is a celestial phenomenon that occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow on the Moon. The Moon will turn a reddish-brown colour during a lunar eclipse.

The next Chandra Grahan will occur on October 28, 2023, and will be visible in India. The eclipse will begin at 11:31 PM IST and will end at 2:24 AM IST on October 29. The greatest eclipse will occur at 1:45 AM IST on October 29.

Dos and Don’ts during Chandra Grahan

  • Do:
    • Chant mantras or devotional songs
    • Meditate on your isht devta (chosen deity)
    • Donate to charity
    • Eat sattvic food (food that is pure and light)
    • Get enough rest and sleep
  • Don’t:
    • Eat non-vegetarian food or drink alcohol
    • Cut your hair or nails
    • Start any new projects or ventures
    • Travel long distances

Sutak Kaal

Sutak Kaal is a period of inauspicious time that is observed before and after a lunar eclipse. During this time, certain activities are considered to be taboo or harmful.

The Sutak Kaal for the Chandra Grahan on October 28, 2023, will begin at 9:15 PM IST on October 28 and will end at 3:36 AM IST on October 29.

Things to do during Sutak Kaal

  • Chant mantras or devotional songs
  • Meditate on your ishta devata
  • Read religious texts
  • Spend time with your family and friends
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Things to avoid during Sutak Kaal

  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian food or drinking alcohol
  • Avoid cutting your hair or nails
  • Avoid starting any new projects or ventures
  • Avoid traveling long distances

The scientific significance of Chandra Grahan

Lunar eclipses are important astronomical events that can provide scientists with valuable information about the Earth-Moon system. By studying the way that the Moon’s light is affected by the Earth’s shadow, scientists can learn more about the Moon’s composition and atmosphere.

Cultural significance of Chandra Grahan

Chandra Grahans have been observed and celebrated by cultures all over the world for centuries. In many cultures, lunar eclipses are believed to have a profound spiritual and astrological significance. For example, in Hindu astrology, lunar eclipses are believed to be a time of great change and transformation.

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