Chhath Puja Songs 2023: 5 Chhath Geet to Celebrate the Festival | Watch Videos

Chhath Puja Songs 2023: 5 Chhath Geet to Celebrate the Festival | Watch Videos

Chhath Puja is one of the most sacred and ancient Hindu festivals dedicated to the sun god Surya Dev and goddess Shashthi Devi. It is a four-day-long festival, observed in many parts of Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh on the sixth day of the lunar month after Diwali. Since the sun is the source of life and energy on this planet, devotees seek blessings from the Sun God on this holy day for the well-being and prosperity of their families.

This year, Chhath Puja will be celebrated on November 17. Music plays an integral role in the Chhath Puja celebrations, adding to the spiritual fervour and enriching the overall experience. Traditional Chhath Puja folk songs, known as Chhath geet, are an embodiment of the festival’s essence, capturing the spirit of devotion, gratitude, and celebration. If you want to make the celebrations a little special then here are five songs that you can play and enjoy on this occasion.

Chhath Puja 2023: Sunrise, Sunset Time

  • Sunset Time on Friday, November 17: 5:50 PM
  • Sunrise Time on Monday, November 20: 06:20 AM

1. Kelwa Ke Paat Par

Kelwa Ke Paat Par, the most beloved and oldest Bhojpuri Chhath song was released in 1989. Bhojpuri and Maithili singer Sharda Sinha, who is also a recipient of the Padma Bhushan award has written and sung the devotional song. Chhath Puja rituals are incomplete without the Kelwa Ke Paat Par track. It will set the mood for the festival.

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2. Jal Beech Khada Hoeeb

Bhojpuri actor-singer Pawan Kalyan has lent his voice to the Jal Beech Khada Hoeeb song. This Chhath Puja classic number was released in 2012. The song beautifully captures the emotions of devotees offering argh and taking dips in the holy Ganga. Jal Beech Khada Hoeeb belongs to the Daras Dekhava Ae Deenanath album.

3. Uga Hai Suraj Dev

Sung collaboratively by Anuradha Paudwal, Chaila Bihari, and Kalpana Patowary, the song will spread peace and tranquillity in your heart. Belonging to the Sun Leen Pukaar Chhathi Maiya Hamaar album, Uga Hai Suraj Dev talks about the Sun God and how he protects devotees from harm. It is considered to be one of the most played songs during Chhath Puja festivities.

4. Uthau Suraj Bhaile Bihaan

Uthau Suraj Bhaile Bihaan is composed and sung by acclaimed folk singer Sharda Sinha. This much-loved masterpiece offers listeners a glimpse of the holy rituals observed during Chhath Puja. And Sharda’s melodious voice with the devotional lyrics simply touches your soul. The song is taken from the Chhathi Maiya album.

5. Aata Hai Har Saal

National Film Award winner Sadhana Sargam spread magic with his voice in this Chhath Puja special Aata Hai Har Saal song. Released in 2017, the Hindi folk track belongs to the Chhath Maa Ka Aashirwad album and people in the Hindi-speaking belt love the song.

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