Popular Television actress Dipika Kakar reprised her role as Simar in the drama Sasural Simar Ka 2. The actress joined the cast of the show during March-April 2021 and left the show in just two months. The actress is quite active in her social media and also has a YouTube channel named ‘Dipika Ki Duniya’. She keeps posting every bit of her life through her vlogs. In a recent vlog released by the actress, she revealed the reason behind why she adieu the show in just two months.

Dipika said that “My track was this long only. When Rashmi (Sharma, producer) ma’am called me, it was already decided and she was clear with me from day one. She told me that she needs me for around two to two-and-a-half months. I was more than happy to do it.”

She further confessed the reason behind signing the contract for just two months and said, “Whoever I am today, it’s all because of Colors and Sasural Simar Ka. I got the opportunity to pay back, and in life we don’t get this chance often. We need to give it our best, and I gave it my 200 percent, and I am very proud about it.”

She also further revealed that she wasn’t taking up any shows but when producer Rashmi Sharma called her for a meeting, she couldn’t turn it down citing it as her duty. Dipika is currently on a break and is enjoying her marital life.

Dipika concluded the video and expressed her emotion towards the show and said, “You do some things in life not for money or materialistic things but for your mental satisfaction or emotional reasons. My emotional reason was that Sasural Simar Ka made me what I am today, it has given me a identity. So now, if I can give back to the makers, I cannot refuse no matter what.”

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