Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 sees a shocking turn in the fight between Vegeta and Granolah that guarantees one’s defeat.

At the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, Vegeta unveiled a brand-new transformation that he learned during his time training under Beerus, Universe 7’s God of Destruction. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, Vegeta shows just what this form, dubbed Ultra Ego, is capable of, and unfortunately, it’s not enough to defeat Granolah, who was made the Universe’s strongest fighter by Planet Cereal’s Dragon Balls.

Initially, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation helps him dominate Granolah. However, as Granolah eventually notes, Vegeta doesn’t really attempt to dodge his attacks. Instead, the Saiyan Prince keeps letting blows land. As he explains, this form is essentially based on Vegeta’s inner desire to battle, and the more damage that’s done to him, the more powerful he becomes.

Getting hit is, of course, not a particularly sound strategy in most fights. Over the course of their battle, Granolah goes increasingly desperate and starts dishing out a lot of damage. Eventually, Vegeta realizes his strength is failing, remarking, Vision… blurring… I’ve taken far too much damage.” Elsewhere, Goku observes that Vegeta is weakening, while Granolah seems to be getting the hang of battle. As such, the Saiyan Prince resolves to end the battle quickly by summoning a ball of energy intended to destroy Planet Cereal.

Granolah ends up letting off a huge blast from his finger guns that hits Vegeta’s planet destroying ball. When the dust settles, Vegeta is on the ground, shocked at the strength of his opponent. “I have to thank you, Sayian,” remarks Granolah. “You’re responsible for drawing out this power of mine.” So as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 ends, Vegeta’s power has started to fail, while Granolah’s has reached new heights.

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Vegeta’s biggest advantage in his battle against Granolah was that his opponent wasn’t used to his new power level. This gave Vegeta some advantage, as he’s an experienced fighter, and he knows what it means to take on the deadliest forces in the universe. But now Granolah has gotten better at fighting. Add that to Granolah becoming even more powerful than before, and you’ve got a recipe for a disastrous end to the confrontation between the two.

At this time, it seems unlikely that Vegeta is going to win on his own. He and Goku still have one remaining Senzu Bean, so it’s possible that Vegeta might take it. And if his powers are restored, the Saiyan Prince might stand a solid chance of beating Granolah. That being said, it’s far from guaranteed that Vegeta is going to succeed, and he may just need the help of Goku once again. Regardless of what happens next, as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 ends, it’s clear that Vegeta will almost certainly lose another high-profile battle.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 does not have a confirmed English release date through Viz Media at this time.

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