EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity make-up artist Tanvi Chemburkar breaks down details perfecting Sara Ali Khan’s monochrome saree look at Cannes

In the world of makeup artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, Tanvi Chemburkar stands out as a true artist who can transform faces into breath-taking works of art. With her exceptional skills and passion for her craft, Tanvi has established herself as a sought-after makeup artist, captivating clients with her ability to enhance natural beauty and create stunning transformations. Tanvi Chemburkar has emerged as the go-to makeup artist for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Ananya Panday, Sara Ali Khan, and Rashmika Mandana. For Tanvi Chemburkar, the human face is a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with beauty and artistry. With each stroke of her brush, she skillfully highlights the unique features of her clients, accentuating their natural beauty and bringing out their inner confidence. Tanvi understands that makeup is not about masking flaws but about enhancing individuality and empowering individuals to embrace their own unique beauty. In an exclusive interview with PosterGuy, Tanvi decodes Sara Ali Khan’s make-up from Cannes

We landed in Cannes, we reached the hotel and we pretty much got into the first look, and then there was an after party so that was the second look and there was third look in the morning, so we had less than 24 hours” reminisces celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar in conversation with PosterGuy

When asked about her favourite looks of Sara from Cannes, she revealed that monochrome saree and silver gown were two of her favourite looks. “for the saree, it was quite a no-brainer, the minute we saw the saree and monochrome colours, I was quite clear in my head that I wanted to do a liner” she adds.

The red carpet has already seen its fair share of beauty thanks to the Cannes Film Festival. One of those in charge is the gorgeous Sara Ali Khan, whose makeup was done by Tanvi Chemburkar. Sara, who attended the event for the first time, has already won the hearts and minds of virtually everyone with her modern Indian looks on the red carpet. But there was still another feature that caught our attention. Sara chose Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla once more for her second appearance at Cannes 2023; this time, she wore a contemporary saree with a reverse drape. Vintage-inspired makeup contrasted the silhouette. Winged eyeliner with a tight flick was part of Sara’s makeup look. It had bare lips, skin that was highlighted, and cheekbones that were sculpted. She had free strands in the front of her bouffant hairdo that was pinned up. She certainly seemed gorgeous.

Sara’s Cannes look was also compared to her grandmother Sharmila Tagore to which Tanvi revealed “that we never thought of, even the hairstylist Sanky, he also did not thought of that since it was not a reference point for us, he was very clear that he wanted to do the hair up and I was very clear that I wanted the liner.”

“I didn’t want to do anything except for liner, because I wanted the liner to be the focus, so that’s why on the lips also we put a very soft colour, flushed cheeks and everything we kept very very clean” she adds.

When we asked Tanvi during the conversation about the challenges she faced while getting Sara Ali Khan ready, she responded, “The biggest challenge was time, but I have realised that I work better under pressure.” She also added that, “a lot of people know that I struggle with eyeliner, eventually I will get the look but I have to clean it a bunch of times, but surprisingly for this event the sweep was perfect, even Sara was like wow, how do you get to this so quickly and it was literally like yay moment.”

Today, Tanvi is in great demand with the biggest stars in the business, like Malaika Arora and Shanaya Kapoor, owing to her skill in creating transparent, breathable makeup looks.However, She gave us three quick tricks which can make us look like Sara Ali Khan. Tanvi revealed that, “Sara loves kohl, just put some kajal one your waterline and little bit on outside, I’ll take a Q-tip and little brown shadow and just smudge it out.” She also added that another thing which feels that completely changes your eye is just curl your lashes well.

Tanvi Chemburkar’s remarkable talent and artistry have made her an integral part of the Bollywood beauty landscape. Through her flawless makeup creations, she has not only enhanced the beauty of her celebrity clients like Ananya Panday, Sara Ali Khan, and Rashmika Mandana but also captured their unique essence. Tanvi’s ability to adapt to individual styles, create stunning red-carpet moments, and provide a supportive environment has solidified her position as a trusted makeup artist in the industry. As she continues to define beauty in Bollywood, Tanvi Chemburkar’s influence and artistry will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the industry and aspiring artists alike.

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