Exclusive! It’s over! Zeeshan Khan and Reyna Pandit confirm that their relationship has ended

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Afew days ago, Bombay Times spoke to actor-couple Reyna Pandit and Zeeshan Khan about their relationship and both the actors confirmed that the two had taken a break. They however said they hadn’t split. But it seems like things have not been fine between the two and they have parted ways.

Reyna said, “This is the end of my journey with Zeeshan. We are not together and will never think of getting back. I want to put an end to all speculation. I would not like anyone to ask me anything about Zeeshan now. This is final… it’s over.”

Zeeshan had first posted about their breakup last month on social media, but soon the two clarified that they hadn’t split, they were just on a break. When we spoke to Zeeshan about this yesterday, he said, “It is over and I wish Reyna the best. I would not like to talk anything more on this and this is goodbye to Reyna from my side.”

Reyna and Zeeshan met on the set of Kumkum Bhagya and made their relationship official in October 2021. The two have an age gap but that was never a problem between them. Reyna had said in an earlier interview, “I may be older than Zeeshan but he is more mature while I am a child at heart. He understands how to handle situations so age has never been an issue in our relationship.” Zeeshan had said, “Reyna is a sensible girl and we have never had issues about age or the fact that she is older.”

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