Music composer Himesh Reshammiya is all set to launch the Indian Idol contestant, Mohd Danish. Danish will be heard in the second song from the album ‘Himesh Ke Dil Se’.

Himesh will presently be dispatching Indian Idol contender Mohd Danish with an excellent soul mixing melody on grievousness that has been made by Himesh with verses by Sameer Anjana.

Discussing the melody Himesh Reshammiya says, “Mohd Danish has sung particularly well and individuals will be glad to see another artist perform like a veteran in this tune. I’m amazingly happy with his singing simply how Pawandeep and Arunita or Sawai Bhat sang my arrangements and conveyed wonderfully and I am lowered to realize that every one of their tunes has done quite well.”

Himesh will declare the delivery date of this melody soon.

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