Rakhi Sawant was last seen entertaining in the house of Bigg Boss 14. She was among the finalists. But instead of competing for the trophy, she quit the race with Rs. 14 lakh as she said she needed the money for the treatment of her mother. The actress recently also appeared in an item song name ‘Dream Mein Entry’ as the main lead. Now, in an exclusive interview with, Rakhi spoke about how she is a good actress and how she can also prove to be a good wife.

During a rapid-fire round, Rakhi was asked about her talents which others are not aware of. Responding to it, she said, “I want to become a good wife and a good mother. I am a good actress as well, but I was never given the opportunity to do good acting. How good a wife I am that one can understand from Bigg Boss house because there are cameras everywhere and you cannot lie there. Bigg Boss house is never scripted. If I am sent inside the house with my husband, I think I will prove to be a good wife, but I do not take any guarantee for my husband.”

Rakhi Sawant has claimed on several occasions that she is married. During her time at Bigg Boss house, she even had a breakdown talking about her husband Ritesh. The two apparently had a secret wedding. Talking further about her husband, Rakhi said, “My husband is currently in abroad. Only Bigg Boss can bring him back and lock him inside. I hope Bigg Boss puts a big lock from the outside so that he does not try to run away.”

In the Bigg Boss house, Rakhi had said that she had not seen her husband in 2 years and that he already had a wife and a kid about which she was not aware during the marriage.

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