“I’m constantly thinking of novel ways of how to reach out to people in need” – Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar is a socially conscious artiste who walks the talk when it comes to climate advocacy or providing help to Covid-19 patients. The acclaimed actor runs two important and hugely successful social media advocacy platforms, Climate Warrior, focussing on raising awareness on climate change in India, and COVID Warrior – which focuses on saving lives.

Given her relentless good work, she has been deemed as the most woke celebrity in Bollywood and her credibility has been on the upswing ever since. From prominent FMCG brands to positively conscious jewellery, clothing brands, to forward-thinking social campaigns by brands have all gravitated towards Bhumi.

She says, “As a conscious citizen of the country, I have only tried my best to be of help to the nation that I have been born and brought up in. I thank my parents for imparting strong values like these in me and I’m deeply thankful to them for making me this opinionated person that I have become. I will continue on my mission to constantly do my bit for my community and the fellow citizens of my country.”

Bhumi adds, “With Climate Warrior and Covid Warrior, I’m constantly thinking of novel ways of how to reach out to people in need and raise as much awareness on critical issues that our country faces today. I’m grateful to the people of India for rallying with me because we all need to participate to make a difference.”

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