Indian Calendar 2024: Indian Festivals and Holidays

Indian Festival Calendar: Indian traditions, festivals and rituals are centuries old, displaying its rich cultural heritage to the modern world. These festivals are celebrated throughout the year by Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Other religion followers with peace and brotherhood. Holi, Navratri, Raksha Bandhan, Eid and Diwali are some of the popular festivals observed in India. Our Indian festival calendar presents a glimpse of vibrant festivals and holidays celebrated in India with date, day and month. Explore list of festivals and holidays to be celebrated in Indian calendar in 2024.

Indian Calendar 2024

Indian Festivals Calendar 2024

January 2024

Jan 01MondayEnglish New Year
Jan 09TuesdayMasik Shivaratri (Pausha)
Jan 12FridayNational Youth Day
Jan 12FridaySwami Vivekananda Jayanti
Jan 13SaturdayLohri
Jan 14SundayMakar Sankranti
Jan 14SundayPongal
Jan 14SundayUttarayan
Jan 15MondayArmy Day
Jan 17WednesdayGuru Gobind Singh Birthday
Jan 23TuesdayNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti
Jan 23 ~ 24Tuesday ~ WednesdayHazarat Ali’s Birthday
Jan 24 ~ 25Wednesday ~ ThursdayTu B’Shevat
Jan 26FridayRepublic Day
Jan 30TuesdayMahatma Gandhi Punyatithi

February 2024

Feb 04SundayWorld Cancer Day
Feb 07WednesdayRose Day
Feb 09FridayMauni Amavasya
Feb 10SaturdayTeddy Day
Feb 10SaturdayLosar
Feb 14WednesdayValentine’s Day
Feb 14WednesdayVasant Panchami (Saraswati Puja)
Feb 25SaturdaySant Ravidas Jayanti
Feb 28WednesdayNational Science Day

March 2024

Mar 04MondayJanaki Jayanti
Mar 08FridayMahashivratri
Mar 08FridayInternational Women’s Day
March 10 ~ April 09Sunday ~ TuesdayRamadan Begins
Mar 10SundayMothering Sunday
Mar 12TuesdayPhulera Dooj
Mar 20WednesdayNavroz
Mar 23SaturdayShaheed Diwas (Martyrs’ Day)
Mar 23 ~ 25Saturday ~ MondayPurim
Mar 24SundayPalm Sunday
Mar 24SundayChhoti Holi , Holika Dahan
Mar 25MondayHoli
Mar 25 ~ 27Monday ~ WednesdayHola Mohalla
Mar 28ThursdayChhatrapati Shivaji Jayanti (19th February as per English Calendar)
Mar 29FridayGood Friday
Mar 30SaturdayRanga Panchami
Mar 31SundayEaster

April 2024

Apr 01MondayBank’s Holiday
Apr 02TuesdaySheetala Ashtami (Basoda Date)
Apr 09TuesdayGudi Padwa, Ugadi, Telugu New Year
Apr 09 ~ 17Tuesday ~ WednesdayChaitra Navratri Begins
Apr 09TuesdayCheti Chand (Jhulelal Jayanti)
Apr 9 ~ 10Tuesday ~ WednesdayEid-Ul-Fitr, Ramadan Ends in the evening of Tuesday, 9 April
Apr 11Birthday of Guru Tegh Bahadur (Nanakshahi calendar)
Apr 11ThursdayGangaur (Gauri Tritiya)
Apr 13SaturdayBaisakhi
Apr 14SundaySolar New Year
Apr 14SundayBR Ambedkar Jayanti
Apr 14 ~ 20Sunday ~ SaturdayBohag Bihu / Rongali Bihu / Magh Bihu (aaaBihu)
Apr 14SundayPohela Boishakh
Apr 17WednesdayRam Navami
Apr 18ThursdayBirthday of Guru Angad Dev (Nanakshahi calendar)
Apr 20SaturdayThrissur Pooram
Apr 21SundayMahavir Jayanti
Apr 22MondayEarth Day
Apr 23 ~ 30Tuesday ~ TuesdayPassover
Apr 23TuesdayHanuman Jayanti
Apr 25 ~ 26Wednesday ~ ThursdayLag B’Omer

May 2024

May 01WednesdayPrakash of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji
May 03FridayBirth Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (Nanakshahi calendar)
May 07TuesdayRabindranath Tagore Jayanti
May 10FridayParshuram Jayanti
May 10FridayAkshaya Tritiya
May 12SundayMother’s Day
May 16ThursdaySita Navami
May 21 ~ 22Tuesday ~ WednesdaySecond Passover
May 23ThursdayBuddha Purnima
May 25TuesdayBirthday of Guru Amar Das (Nanakshahi calendar)
May 31FridayWorld No Tobacco Day

June 2024

Jun 01SaturdayTelugu Hanuman Jayanthi
Jun 05WednesdayWorld Environment Day
Jun 08SaturdayWorld Brain Tumor Day
Jun 08SaturdayNational Best Friends Day
Jun 09SundayMaharana Pratap Jayanti
Jun 11TuesdayShavuot
Jun 16SundayMartyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib (Nanakshahi Calendar)
Jun 16SundayGanga Dussehra
Jun 16SundayFather’s Day
Jun 16SundayEid ul-Adha (Public Holiday – Monday, 17 June)
Jun 21FridayInternational Yoga Day
Jun 22SaturdaySant Kabirdas Jayanti

July 2024

Jul 01, 2024MondayNational Doctors Day
Jul 04ThursdayMasik Shivaratri (Ashadha)
Jul 08MondayRath Yatra
Jul 11ThursdayWorld Population Day
Jul 11ThursdayParkash Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji
Jul 06 ~ 07Evening of Saturday ~ SundayAl-Hijira, Islamic New Year
Jul 17WednesdayMuharram Begins (Tentative Date)
Jul 21SundayGuru Purnima
Jul 28SundayParents Day

August 2024

Aug 04SundayFriendship Day
Aug 07WednesdayHariyali Teej
Aug 09FridayNag Panchami
Aug 12MondayTulsidas Jayanti
Aug 15ThursdayIndependence Day
Aug 18SundayUllambana
Aug 19MondayRaksha Bandhan
Aug 19MondayWorld Sanskrit Day (Sanskrit Diwas)
Aug 22ThursdayKajari Teej
Aug 26MondaySri Krishna Janmashtami
Aug 27TuesdayDahi Handi

September 2024

Sep 02MondayWorld Coconut Day
Sep 05ThursdayTeachers Day
Sep 05 ~ 17Thursday ~ TuesdayOnam (Thiruvonam)
Sep 06FridayHartalika Teej
Sep 07SaturdayGanesh Chaturthi
Sep 08SundayGrandparents Day
Sep 14SaturdayHindi Diwas
Sep 15 ~ 16Sunday ~ MondayMilad un-Nabi (Public Holiday date – Monday, 16 September)
Sep 16MondayVishwakarma Puja
Sep 16MondayAnant Chaturdashi (Ganesh Visarjan)
Sep 28SaturdayBirthday of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji
Sep 30MondayKshamavani (Forgiveness Day)

October 2024

Oct 02WednesdayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Oct 02WednesdayLal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
Oct 02 ~ 04Wednesday ~ FridayRosh Hashanah
Oct 03ThursdaySharad Navratri Begins
Oct 07MondayShemini Atzeret (Simchat Torah)
Oct 09WednesdayBirthday of Guru Ram Das (Nanakshahi calendar)
Oct 09 ~ 13Wednesday ~ SundayDurga Puja Begins
Oct 11FridayMahashtami
Oct 12SaturdayDussehra, Durga Visarjan
Oct 12SaturdayYom Kippur
Oct 16 ~ 23Wednesday ~ WednesdaySukkot
Oct 16WednesdayBoss Day
Oct 16WednesdaySharad Purnima
Oct 17ThursdayMaharishi Valmiki Jayanti (Birthday)
Oct 20SundayKarva Chauth
Oct 24ThursdayAhoi Ashtami
Oct 29TuesdayDhanteras
Oct 31ThursdayHalloween
Oct 31ThursdayBengal Kali Puja
Oct 31ThursdayNational Unity Day

November 2024

Nov 01FridayDiwali
Nov 02SaturdayGovardhan Puja
Nov 03SundayBhai Dooj
Nov 05 ~ 07Tuesday ~ ThursdayChhath Puja (Nahai Khai ~ Suryodaya Argh)
Nov 06WednesdayLabh Panchami
Nov 14ThursdayTulasi Vivah
Nov 14ThursdayChildren’s Day
Nov 15FridayGuru Nanak Jayanti
Nov 24SundayMartyrdom Of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib (Nanakshahi calendar)
Nov 28ThursdayThanksgiving Day
Nov 30SaturdaySt Andrew’s Day

December 2024

Dec 06FridayVivah Panchami
Dec 08SundayFeast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec 25, 2024 ~ Jan 02, 2025Thursday – FridayHanukkah
Dec 25WednesdayChristmas
Dec 26ThursdayVeer Baal Diwas
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India is known for its diversities and religions where we enjoy a lot of festivals. Let it be a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or Christian, we celebrate each and every festival with zeal and enthusiasm. But knowing the exact dates of the same becomes troublesome sometimes. To get rid of it, we have brought Indian Calendar 2024 for you to ease out your struggle finding exact dates.

PosterGuy has curated this unique Indian Calendar 2024 for the convenience of our readers. Here you will find all the significant events, including fasts and festivals of various religions, government holidays, etc., occurring in 2024 in India.

Origin of Indian Calendar

Indian National Calendar, also called as Shalivahana Shaka Calendar is broadly used for news broadcasting purposes alongside Gregorian Calendar. After a survey conducted by Calendar Reform Committee during 1950s, it was concluded that around 30 different calendars were being used to set Hindu, Buddhist and Jain festivals.

They found that these calendars were based on similar principles though prepared as per ancient customs and astronomical practices. On the other hand, Islamic calendar was used by Muslims in India along with Indian Government using Gregorian calendar for administrative purposes. Hereby, due to Calendar Reform 1957 C.E., a formalized and structured lunisolar calendar was finalised as the National Calendar of India, where leap years corresponded with those mentioned in Gregorian calendar.

Despite numerous attempts to create a unified platform, there still exists several local variations. Government still uses Gregorian calendar for administrative purposes and holidays are observed as per regional, ethnic and religious beliefs and traditions.

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On an ethical front, astrologers use Panchang or Panchangam (Hindu Calendar based on Lunar Calendar) to fix the marriage date and provide auspicious muhurat after horoscope matching is done.

Structure of Indian Calendar

The Shaka Calendar is based on the luni-solar system as per time, and consists of 12 months and 365 days. The first month in Indian Calendar is Chaitra and the last is Phalguna. The names of the months as per Shaka Calendar are as follows:

1.  Chaitra
2.  Vaishakha
3.  Jyeshtha
4.  Ashadha
5.  Shravana
6.  Bhadra
7.  Ashwin
8.  Kartika
9.  Agrahayana
10.  Pausha
11.  Magha
12.  Phalguna

The National Calendar is an advanced modification of Indian Solar Calendars still existing in the regions. The principle unit remains the civil day and era is Saka era. It is structured so as to correspond with the Tropical or Sayana year and not traditional Sidereal or Nirayana year.

Religious holidays are based on lunisolar calendar which acknowledges specific positions of Moon and Sun. Majority of festivals and holidays occur on a mentioned lunar tithi (date) while others on solar tithis.

Lunar Calendar is witnessed as the main element when providing predictions in Vedic Astrology or calculating muhurat, festivals and so on, planet Sun has its own significance. A Solar Calendar narrates the apparent position of planet Sun in the universe. One such example is Gregorian Calendar, which is used internationally and counted as the standard tool. In astrology, a solar month describes the position of Sun’s longitude to increase during the interval by 30 degree corresponding to its passage through a zodiac sign.

Indian Solar Calendar

Indian Calendar as per Solar Month is given below which describes the Hindu months and their Gregorian dates. Below dates approximately corresponds with the Gregorian calendar based on the position of Sun. the table is provided for you for reference purposes.

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S.No.Indian Religious Calendar (Solar Month)Approx. Greg. Date
1CaitraMar. 14
2VaisakhaApr. 13
3JyesthaMay 14
4AsadhaJune 14
5SravanaJuly 16
6BhadrapadaAug. 16
7AsvinaSept. 16
8KartikaOct. 17
9MargashirshaNov. 16
10PausaDec. 15
11MaghaJan. 14
12PhalguraFeb. 12

Types of Calendars

There are three types of Calendar affiliated in India:

●  The Solar Calendars: The calendar is based on motion of the sun on a yearly basis, sidereal or tropical. Some famous examples are French, Gregorian, Roman calendars and Indian Solar Calendars used in the areas of Assam, Bengal, Haryana, Kerala, Punjab, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Tripura. An actual solar calendar doesn’t consists of number of days, hence in order to synchronize, days are summed up and leap years are formed. Indian National Calendar comes under this category.
●  The Lunar Calendars: It is based on the monthly phases of Moon and its cycle and isn’t related to the motion of Sun whatsoever. Islamic Hejira Calendar is one such example and a pure lunar calendar. It consists of 12 months, with 2 months covering the time period between two new moons. Each Lunar month is about 29.5 days long.
●  The Lunisolar Calendar: It accumulates yearly motion of Sun and monthly phases of Moon. some examples are Jews and Babylonian calendars along with Indian Calendars used in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh.

You can get detailed list of Government, Hindu, Islamic, SIkh and Christian holidays and festivals from this page.

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