Kabir Bedi’s doting granddaughter, actress Alaya F hosted a live chat with her nana to celebrate the success of his book, ‘Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life Of An Actor’ which has been welcomed with rave reviews and enjoyed massive commercial success as a bestseller. Interestingly, Kabir revealed that he’s all set to release his book in Italy in September with Mondadori – Italy’s biggest publisher!

The fun-filled banter covered various topics from Kabir’s emotional life journey – his revolutionary parents, highs and lows from a career spanning over three continents, various relationships, open marriage, parenthood, broken marriages and mental health.

There’s so much for youngsters to take in from the chat. Alaya shared how she and her friends thoroughly enjoyed reading Kabir’s book and his life story which is so relevant and relatable even today. Kabir said that he has dedicated his book to all the youngsters who want to make this world a better place.

Alaya also expressed how she found Kabir’s life so bold and ahead of its times while Kabir chuckled how there was a time when he was as young as Alaya and a rebel of the family.

Over the freewheeling chat, Kabir also shared, “I survived enormous successes and downfalls including bankruptcy in America. But I rose from all that… For readers, they can learn from my life, what did he do wrong that I shouldn’t repeat… It’s okay to fail, but not to give up. I’ve learnt from my failures and hope others do too.”

If that wasn’t enough, Alaya who proved to be a stunning and articulate host, even tested Kabir’s Millennial lingo, and guess what, Kabir fared pretty well at it! And the duo continued their heart-to-heart tête-à-tête exchanging notes. Alaya shared how she realised she was a part of a family that had such a novel history to which Kabir said, “It’s your history too, Alaya!”

‘Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor’ is published by Westland Publishers (an Amazon Company). Readily available in bookstores or online. While it has met with an overwhelming response Kabir Bedi is all set to publish his book in Italy in association with one of the biggest publishers there.

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