Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 has been making spots at the top of the headlines since its beginning. This time the stunt-based reality show features some of the most popular celebs from Telly Town as contestants. One of them being Anushka Sen, who is the youngest contestant to ever participate in such a show. The actress and digital star was doing pretty well in the show as she was acing all the daredevil stunts coming her way. Unfortunately in the latest episode, Anushka Sen gets eliminated from the show after she couldn’t complete her elimination stunt.

In the latest episode, we saw Arjun Bijlani, Varun Sood and Anushka Sen in the bottom 3 and performing elimination stunt. The stunt included collecting all the red flags from a hanging platform placed at a great height. After collecting the flags from the platform, the contestant had to jump from the platform to get the last flag at the end of the platform.

For the stunt, Varun went ahead first followed by Arjun and Anushka. Varun was successfully able to complete the task and took the least time. Arjun also managed to finish the task but took more time than Varun. However, Anushka was not able to complete the task and collect flags due to heavy winds and fell from the platform. This resulted in Arjun and Varun being saved and Anushka’s elimination.

Seeing her bidding adieu to the show, host Rohit Shetty called Anushka ‘rockstar’ and wished her good luck for her future endeavours. While the contestants also got emotional as she left the show. Truly, her journey was very powerful in the show. Despite being only 19-year-old she managed to give a tough fight to all the contestants. Her fans and followers have been extremely proud of her journey and are lauding the actress for being so tough.

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