MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth-Who does not know MBA Chai Wala today. In this post, we are going to give complete information about MBA Chai Wala. Such as their life introduction, professional,

income, network or FIR will tell about turnover, qualification real name, family background. And how much is their franchise cost,

that too will be known in this post. So read this post-MBA Chai Wala Net Worth from beginning to end

Who is MBA Chai Wala

The name of the MBA tea seller is Prafull Billore. His father’s name is Sohal Billore and his mother’s name is Mrs. Billore.

He is a resident of a small village Dhar in Madhya Pradesh. Prafull was born on 14 January 1996 in a village named Dhar. In 2017, he prepared for MBA.

But he did not get success in that and then after that he prepared for UPSC, but he failed in that too. Then accepting defeat, he set up a tea stall and he was very successful in this tea stall. Now he is known as MBA Chaiwala.

MBA Chai Mr Billore Ahmedabad
Owner Name Prafull Billore
Date Of Birth 14 January 1996
Education B.Com
Age 26 Years
Religion Hindu
Nationality India
Zodiac Sign Leo
Brith Place Dhar Indore, M P
City Ahmedabad, Gujarat
College CAT IIM Preparation

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

He started his tea shop with Rs.8000. He had taken this money by lying to his parents. He didn’t even tell his parents for what he was taking the money. He told that he is taking this money to pay the course fees.

For this reason, they were given money. Then he opened a tea shop on the side of the road. After some time he got successful in this tea shop. Please tell here that the turnover of MBA Chai Wala is two to three crore rupees annually.

  • Apart from this, they have also started giving franchisees of MBA Chai Wala.
  • And they also earn from YouTube advertisements. By combining all these, many of their income sources have become.
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MBA Chai wala net worth Yearly MBA Chai wala Net Worth in Rupees
MBA Chai wala Net Worth in 2018 Rs. 9,49,98,500
MBA Chai wala Net Worth in 2019 Rs. 13,54,97,750
MBA Chai wala Net Worth in 2020 Rs. 19,59,88,200
MBA Chai wala Net Worth in 2021 Rs. 23,60,84,400
MBA Chai wala Net Worth in 2022 Rs. 28,89,82,700

MBA Chai Wala Earning

Earning of MBA Chai Wala is Rs around 45-46 Lakhs

MBA Chai Wala Awarded in Washington D.C. 2023

  • Today is a special day for us. Our beloved founder @prafullmbachaiwala has been awarded the “Pride of India” award in Washington D.C. He has been a representative of the nation on several international platforms.
  • Promoting start-up culture and encouraging millions of youth through his insightful words, he is an inspiration to many.
  • His contribution to making MBA Chai Wala, a world-known brand is noteworthy. We admire the hard work he has put into building MBA Chai Wala.
  • Har har startup, ghar ghar startup.

MBA chai Wala Income

Praful Billore started his tea shop with ₹ 8000. Today the turnover of MBA Chaiwala Private Limited is 3 to 5 crores annually.

MBA Chai Wala Turnover

  • Prafull Billore started his business with ₹8000. Today MBA Chaiwala’s turnover is more than 50,00,000.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise Cost

Please tell here that if you want a franchise of MBA Chai wala, then you should have a minimum of ₹ 10000000. Only then you can take the franchise.

The franchise fee for MBA Chai wala is ₹ 300000. For this, an area of 100 square feet, a model kiosk, and a full investment maximum of 1000000 is required.

How Prafull Billore’s looks

height 5 feet 10 inches
complexion dark
body shape thin
eye color black
hair color black
weight 63 kg

MBA chai wala net worth 2022

As on December 2022, MBA chai wala net worth is 3.5 crores.

MBA Chai wala Contact Number

Friends, if you want to talk to the team of MBA Chai wala, you can DM on Instagram. And if you want to talk on call, you can also call on 877 056 5569.

MBA chai wala net worth in rupees

His net worth is 3.4 crore

How To Apply For MBA Chai Wala Franchise

Before applying, you must prepare some things. You should have at least ₹1000000. Some points are given below. Based on this you can apply.

  • First of all, you have to go to their official website.
  • Second, now you have to click on I Want to Franchisee.
  • A registration form will open, you have to fill it out and submit it.
  • Now call back will be done by customer care.
  • In this, you will be given complete information about the MBA Chaiwala franchise.
  • After listening to more information, you will have to sign the agreement.
  • After this, you will get the franchise.
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Customer Care Number MBA Chaiwala Franchisee

Phone, email, website

Some Essential Things To Start MBA Chaiwala Franchise

  • First, you have to make a 5-year agreement to start the franchise.
  • Second, you should have 100 square feet of land.
  • Initially, you can hire one to three employees.
  • If you need more, talk to customer care for this.

Franchise MBA chai wala menu

here is the list of the MBA chai wala menu:-

  1. Chocolate Chai
  2. Regular Chai
  3. Elaichi Chai
  4. Masala Chai
  5. Tulsi Chai
  6. ginger chai

MBA Chai Wala Bollywood Movie

Dharma Production has decided to make a movie on MBA Chaiwala. In which Siddharth Malhotra will play the role of Prafull Billore. Prafull Billore’s life achievements will be shown in the form of a movie.

The film will have all the achievements of Prafull Billore from ordinary life to extraordinary. This will give a lot of inspiration to the youth. The movie release has not been announced yet. But when it happens it will be announced.

MBA Chai Wala Mumbai

Tashkent Marg, Agnipath Colony, Civil Lines, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211001

MBA Chai Wala In Varanasi

Address of MBA chai wala varanasi :- House no. B, 30/2 – A-3, near Hdfc Bank, Prafull Nagar Colony, Lanka, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005.

Menu of MBA Chai Wala, Sigra, Varanasi

Fast Food, Street Food, Tea Dining .Delivery Reviews.

How much does MBA chaiwala worker earn?

MBA CHAI WALA Sales Manage earn 250000 per year and the Area Manager earn 450000 per year

What is the total cost of MBA Chaiwala franchise?

The total cost of MBA Chaiwala franchise is Rs.3 to 4 lakhs and total invesment is Rs. 8-10 lakhs (including Equipment) if you want more information please click Below.

What is MBA chaiwala net worth?

His net worth in December 2022 is 3.5 crore. and is expected in dec 2023 is 5.6 crore.

Qualifications Required for Franchise

No qualification is required to start a franchise. Its training is done by all customer care.


Q. What is the full form of MBA Chai Wala?

Ans. full form of MBA Chai Wala’s is ” Mr. Billore Ahmedabad”

Q. What Is The Full Form Of MBA Chai wala?

Ans. The full form of MBA Chaiwala is “Mr. Bilore Ahmedabad”.

Q. What is the name of Prafull Billore’s girlfriend?

Ans. Prafull Billore is 26 years old now. He has a wife. Her name is Shreya Prafull Billore.

He is also a shareholder in MBA Chaiwala Company. People do not know much about them. But tell here that they got married in 2020

Q. What Are The Income Sources Of MBA Chai wala?

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Ans. MBA Chaiwala started his business in 2017 by setting up his own tea stall. Today his tea stall has become a huge business.

And has spread all over India. Recently MBA Chaiwala opened a franchise of MBA CHAIWALA in more than 50 cities. And he has given more than 200 franchises.

MBA Chaiwala’s earnings are not only from tea but also from giving franchise. The recent franchise price of MBA Chaiwala is Rs.10,00,000.

Q. Who Is The Owner Of MBA Chaiwala?

Ans. The owner of MBA Chaiwala is Prafull Billore

Q. What Is The MBA Chaiwala Network?

Ans. The internet worth of an MBA Chaiwala is 30 million.

Q. What is the net worth of MBA Chai wala?

Ans. As of 2022, MBA chai wala net worth is about 50 crores

Q. Who is Vivek Billore?

Ans. Vivek billore is a younger brother of Prafull billore.

Q. MBA chaiwala prafull billlore is married or unmarried?

Ans. he is a married man. his wife name is Shreya prafull billore he has one son whose name is miransh billore.

Q. why MBA chaiwala is so famous?

Ans. MBA chai wala is famous because he is doing good work in his work and inspiring people to do work any type of work and he is a well educated and has done MBA.

Q. what is the turnover of MBA chai wala?

Ans. the turnover of MBA chai wala is almost 5 crore

Q. what is the total earning of MBA chaiwala per month?

Ans. MBA chai wala per month income is 42 lakh and his per day income is 2 lakh total year is 5 crore.

Q. Where is MBA chaiwala belongs?

Ans. He belongs from Ahmedabad where he is famous for his name MBA chai wala.

Q. What is Praful below age in 2022?

Ans. 2022 Praful age is 26 years he is a mature educated businessman.

Q. Is Praful vegetarian?

Ans. Praful Billore is a non vegetarian.

Q. how much prafull urban Mumbai?

Ans. Prafull earn in Mumbai is 100000 per month for a franchise

Q. Is MBA Chaiwala profitable?

Yes, MBA Chai wala is a Profitable Business but his franchise is more profit.

Q. What is his day date of birth?

Ans. His date of birth is 14 January 1996.

Q. How many franchisees of MBA Chaiwala are there in India?

Ans. MBA Chaiwala has around 21 franchises in India.

Q. How to get MBA Chaiwala Franchise?

Ans. You can get the franchisee of MBA Chaiwala by email or contact.

Q. What is the mobile number of Prafulla Billaur?

Ans. Praful Billaur’s mobile number is 78598 98211 or 877 056 5569.

Q. What is the net worth of MBA Chai Wala?

Ans. 3.4 crores.

Q. What is the income of MBA Chai Wala?

Ans. MBA Chai wala daily income is Rs 1.5 Lakh and monthly income is around 50-55 Lakhs

Q. What is the current income of MBA chai Wala?

Ans. MBA chai wala daily income is 2.1 lakh and his per month income is 40 to 45 lakh. his You tube channel is also Monitize You tube channel and sponsorship is around 4 lakh.

Q. How does MBA Chaiwala make money?

Ans. He started making money after lots of struggle. he start its tea stall at Rs 8000. he sold one cup of tea at Rs 30 on the first day.

people liked his tea very much and the way of talking to others. After 2 or 3 month he started making money 15000 per month

Q. Who funded MBA chaiwala?

  • Bhuvan Bam ,
  • Ranveer Allahbadia (Beer Biceps),
  • Praful Billore (MBA Chaiwala),
  • Arvind Arora

Q. How much is MBA Chaiwala’s Monthly income?

Ans. MBA Chai wala income is 40 to 50 lakh per month.

Q. How much is MBA Chai wala daily income?

Ans. Daily income of MBA Chai wala is 1.5 lakh per day.

Conclusion-MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Here I have given you complete information about Prafulla Billour. On this channel, information about famous celebrity biography, making money online, job-related news, health, finance, and the latest news is given. So subscribe so that whenever a new article is published, you will be the first to get the notification. Till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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