That actor par excellence Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been missing from Mumbai for this entire year. But now he’s returning “home”. “Mumbai is the place that gave me everything. So yes it is home. I return to Mumbai on July 6, after 6 months with mixed feelings,” says Nawaz.

“Because I love the city. At the same time being in my native place Budhana (Uttarakhand) where I grew up is my idea of a perfect life. Afrer I left for Mumbai to pursue a career in acting this is the first time I’ve been able to spend so much time with my mother. My heart is in Budhana. These six months cut off from work and Mumbai have been bliss. I have been farming on my land, growing vegetables. It is as creative as acting,” says Nawaz.

Nawaz’s ancestral home which was in shambles during his days of professional struggle is now fully renovated and a sight for sore eyes for all locals, and visitors.

Some day he hopes to retire and settle down again in Budhana. But for now work beckons.

“Yes, I’ve some work-related meetings in Mumbai. Also I haven’t met my children for a while. I wish I could bring them to Budhana. But they’ve their own life and their online classes in Mumbai. I can’t disrupt the life they are used to. But some day I hope they will be as attached to Budhana as I am,” Nawaz ends emotionally.

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