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Domestic, international air ticket prices soar for May; parliamentary panel raise concern

Airfares for domestic and international travel are becoming increasingly expensive as the high-demand summer vacation season nears. Travel in the month of May will be an especially expensive affair for travelers with prices for most domestic and international routes on the rise.

Average prices of air tickets from Chennai to destinations in South East Asia will set you by Rs 30,000-40,000 during the month, while those of destinations in the Middle East are upwards of Rs 30,000. Also, there are no direct flights from Chennai to some popular international destinations such as Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia, among others, adding additional travel costs to the budget of those willing to travel on these routes.

Domestic air tickets aren’t cheap either. An average one-way flight ticket from Delhi to Srinagar for travel in May is currently quoting upwards of Rs 13,000. Similarly, From Delhi to Port Blair, an average air ticket shows a fare of Rs 8,000 and above.

A parliamentary panel has raised concerns over the high airfares charged by domestic airlines in India, accusing them of misleading passengers and resorting to predatory pricing tactics.

The panel, in its report on the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s demands for grants for 2023-24, has sought guidelines for fare rationalization and the publication of accurate information on airlines’ websites.

The report also criticized the government’s decision to remove the price caps on domestic airfares in August 2022, stating that it had only benefited airlines at the expense of passengers. The panel also expressed concern about airlines charging different fares for the same domestic route, particularly in the Northeast region and hilly areas like Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. The report has urged the government to take measures to prevent predatory pricing and ensure affordable air travel for the common man.


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