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Top careers for 2023: List of jobs that are in high demand released

Alist of the best jobs of 2023 by US News & World Report has been revealed. The list ranks software developer jobs in the top spot, up from the number five spot last year, Bloomberg reported. 

US News analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to rank jobs by hiring demand, growth, median salary, employment rate, future job prospects, stress level and work-life balance. 

Amid several reports of a recession coming in 2023 and the threat of further layoffs, job security is top of mind for 2023.  According to a report, 13 of the top 20 careers with the highest job security are in health care, featuring jobs like registered nurse and medical and health services manager.

Best Jobs of 2023

1. Software Developer

2. Nurse Practitioner

3. Medical and Health Services Manager

4. Physician Assistant

5. Information Security Analyst

6. Physical Therapist

7. Financial Manager

8. IT Manager

9. Web Developer

10. Dentist

Careers with the most job security

1. Respiratory Therapist

2. Web Developer

3. Cardiovascular Technologist

4. Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist

5. Financial Analyst

6. Environmental Science and Protection Technician

7. School Psychologist

8. Database Administrator

9. Registered Nurse

10. Medical and Health Services Manager

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