Sonakshi’s passion for art was evident during the lockdown when she gave us a sneak peek into her sketches and paintings through her social media feeds. Very recently, Sonakshi along with her brother Luv & Kush launched an art venture called the House of Creativity that bridges the gap between artists & buyers. Sonakshi Sinha herself is one of the artists on the platform. The actor is beyond happy as her first painting got sold out. Sonakshi’s painting ‘Anaaye’ that got sold captured flowing lines defining Ganesha.

Talking about the same she shared, “Art has always been a huge part of me that’s why this feels even more special. I am an actor, I’ve made my name in this field of art, which is cinema but this is a whole different ballgame and it really feels like I’m making my debut again. I’ve always been quite low-key about my art until very recently. House of Creativity has given me the right encouragement and motivation to share my art with the world and I am loving every bit of it.”

Sonakshi is a self-taught artist. As an artist, Sonakshi is inspired by everything she sees, consciously seeking patterns, colors & combinations in the ordinary.

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