This year Vogue Eyewear welcomes a fresh new face in India to add to its global portfolio of inspiring women – Taapsee Pannu. The new Vogue Eyewear campaign echoes the eclectic spirit of Taapsee aligned effortlessly with ‘LetsVogue’, the brand’s overlaying message about women being confident and owning their distinctive vision of life.

The campaign portrays Taapsee donning the latest eyewear collection that offers a mix of fresh, playful, chic, and avant-garde styles; she is pictured in a series of relatable situations, emotions, and conversations that the contemporary woman holds with herself while she goes about her day. As the protagonist, Taapsee effortlessly expresses her fashionable self in all these real situations to inspire women to embrace style in their everyday lives. An award-winning talent, Taapsee has created a niche for herself in the very competitive Indian cinema industry, while always keeping it real. She is one of the most successful and celebrated female lead actors of Bollywood with a stellar lineup of films in 2021.

“Taapsee Pannu truly exemplifies the free-spirited Vogue Eyewear woman with her impeccable blend of beauty and essence. She is a real woman who embodies every ethos that the brand represents, making her the best-suited Indian Influencer Face to represent our narrative. We are very excited to have her on board and looking forward to a promising collaboration,” says Gunjan Saigal, Brand Business Head, Vogue Eyewear.

Commenting on the announcement, actor Taapsee Pannu says, “I am delighted to be partnering with Vogue Eyewear and become their India face of the #LetsVogue campaign. My personal style preferences completely resonate with the playful, chic and fashionable essence of the brand, and I believe that is a very seamless connect that we have. Vogue Eyewear speaks to the young and vivacious women, who like to keep it real and believe in their inner selves. For all those who know me well, are aware that when it comes to fashion, I always prefer a style that is original and relatable. And that very naturally makes me a Vogue Eyewear Woman.”

Founded in 1973, in Florence the heart of Italy, Vogue Eyewear is a fashion brand that enables you to make the most out of your look with its versatile offering. Bringing you the latest fashion trends from the global catwalks to keep up to date, Vogue Eyewear is an inspirational, true, and inclusive brand.

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