Here’s why Bigg Boss 14’s first runner up Rahul Vaidya proposed to Disha Parmar on national television

On Disha Parmar’s birthday, her boyfriend Rahul Vaidya went out of his way despite not being around to make her day special. He proposed to her on national television during his stay in Bigg Boss 14. Soon after his grand proposal, Rahul Vaidya left the house mid-season citing that he missed his parents. On his return, after getting an earful from host Salman Khan, Rahul Vaidya bucked up his game and soon made it to the top two of the season finale.

On being asked as to why he made a grand proposal on national television, he said that Disha had once told him that she wanted a grand proposal. When he was in the Bigg Boss house, he realized his feelings for her and understood that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Even though Disha wanted a grand proposal, she did not expect this. Speaking of his marriage plans, he said that the wedding might be in June but they still have to work the details.

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