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5 Great Anime for Tsundere Lovers

Tsundere characters are popular for their constant shifts between hot and cold behavior. If you like the archetype, you’ll love these five anime.

Tsundere characters are popular among anime viewers because they undergo complex character development and exhibit unpredictable behavior.  The term “tsundere” is given to characters who are initially cold and distant but warm up over time. Despite their standoffish and loud-mouth personality, tsundere characters learn to love when the right person finally comes along. If you love the archetype, here are five perfect anime to get your tsundere fix.

Fruits Basket

No tsundere conversation is complete without Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket. As one of the best-known and beloved tsundere characters in the anime world, Kyo embodies the spirit of the archetype in a brilliantly accurate way. He’s first introduced in Fruits Basket when crashing through the ceiling to challenge Yuki to a fight. As the loud and contentious Zodiac cat who only cares about beating Yuki, he struggles to interact with other people because he doesn’t believe anyone would ever love him.

When Kyo meets Tohru for the first time, he objects to her living in Shigure’s house and gets upset when she discovers the secret of their Zodiac curse. After he and Tohru both move into the house and have to live together, he struggles to talk to her and accidentally hurts her feelings over and over again. Despite his distant and aggressive personality, Tohru’s loving and pleasant personality begins to warm his heart and melt away his cold façade.


Inuyashas titular character is a rowdy and temperamental half-demon who dislikes people. He developed trust issues after experiencing betrayal from his first love Kikyo, who bound him to the Tree of Ages. When Kagome first arrives in the Feudal Era from her modern time, Inuyasha threatens her because she looks so much like Kikyo.

After Inuyasha and Kagome begrudgingly come to a temporary truce with the shared mission to find the shattered Shikon Jewel shards, they travel the land and fight demons together. The two make a great combat team and save each other’s lives multiple times as the half-demon rediscovers his ability to love.

Maid Sama!

Because it stars a couple of them at once, Maid Sama! is an absolute must-watch for tsundere lovers. Both the female and male lead, Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui, are tsundere who get off on the wrong foot and often fight. While Ayuzawa is the respected and feared class president at their school, Usui accidentally discovers that she works part-time at a maid café. He teases her and starts showing up at the café to antagonize her, so Ayuzawa believes he’ll tell the whole school her most heavily guarded secret and threatens him into silence.

Despite his teasing, Usui wants to be the only one who knows Ayuzawa’s secret and actively helps her protect it. As they spend more time together, their classmates start asking if there’s something going on between them — leading them to question the nature of their relationship as well. With a delightful enemies-to-lovers trope mixed in with their clashing tsundere personalities, Maid Sama! rewards viewers with significant character development as they gradually give in to their love.

Wolf Girl And Black Prince

Kyoya Sata is the most popular guy in school — and a secret tsundere — in Wolf Girl and Black Prince. When Erika Shinohara tries to fit in with a new friend group consisting of girls who all have boyfriends, she takes a picture of Kyoya without knowing who he is and claims he’s her boyfriend. They immediately recognize Kyoya in the photo as the prince of their school and want to meet him.

Erika is forced to approach Kyoya to explain her lie and begs him to pretend to be her boyfriend so she can fit in. However, Kyoya’s true personality is far from princely and he only agrees to their fake relationship if she’ll act like his pet. While Kyoya spends the majority of Wolf Girl and Black Prince teasing and degrading her, they gradually realize their fake relationship has formed real feelings.


Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka are neighbors and classmates in ToradoraTaiga is known throughout the school as the “Palmtop Tiger” because, despite her incredibly short and small stature, she’s often aggressive and violent. She doesn’t hesitate to hit or beat people up, especially Ryuuji, as the two become closer.

Despite Ryuuji feeding and taking care of Taiga with his gentle, earnest personality, she often responds to his kindness with coldness. A classic tsundere, Taiga struggles to open up and be honest about her true feelings. As the pair spend all their time together and help each other out, they soon realize there’s no point in denying their blossoming romance.


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