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Sonic the Hedgehog Reveals Which Surprising Hero Can Defeat The Deadly Six

In Sonic the Hedgehog #43, only one of the brave hero’s companions is able to come up with a way to stand up against and defeat the Deadly Six.

It’s tough to stand out as a hero while sharing the spotlight with someone like Sonic the Hedgehog. When the competition is a hedgehog who can move faster than the speed of sound, the problem is usually solved before anyone else can react. As a result, while many of Sonic’s friends and allies are extremely competent heroes in their own right, they usually find themselves stuck in supporting roles while Sonic saves the world from the likes of Dr. Eggman or Neo-Metal Sonic.

However, there are a few moments when Sonic’s speed and cavalier attitude can’t see him through whatever life-threatening scenario he’s literally run into. Thankfully Sonic can usually count on his friends stepping up to the plate and using their unique talents to bail him out of trouble whenever things get too hot for him to handle alone. Sonic the Hedgehog #43 (by Ian Flynn, Adam Bryce Thomas, Shawn Lee, and Bracardi Curry) features one of Sonic’s oldest friends catching him as he stumbles with the help of a clever invention and a few tips he’s picked up over the years.

Issue #43 picks up in the middle of Sonic’s showdown with the Deadly Six, a gang of alien Zeti with a particularly strong distaste for the blue hedgehog. Seeking revenge against Sonic for thwarting their most recent attempt at world domination, the group attacks the headquarters of the Restoration, a humanitarian group consisting of most of Sonic’s friends, in an effort to lure Sonic to them. Just as the group is closing in on the saferoom housing the base’s staff Sonic shows up and engages the Six in battle.

Despite running in with full confidence, the fight proves to be more than Sonic can handle. Each member of the Deadly Six can hold their own against Sonic in a one-on-one fight, but the Zeti are at their best when they’re fighting as one. United under the command of their cunning leader Zavok each member of the Deadly Six uses their unique abilities to their fullest in the fight against Sonic, from the maniacal Zazz’s insane endurance to the self-absorbed Zeena’s deadly agility. Working together like a well-oiled machine, the group eventually pushes Sonic into a corner despite the efforts of Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf from the sidelines.

But just as things are looking grim, Miles “Tails” Prower arrives on the scene. Tails may not be much of a fighter, but the young fox’s intelligence rivals Dr. Eggman’s and he’s been preparing for a showdown with the Deadly Six for quite a while. After taking some time to study the Zeti’s natural ability to control electromagnetic waves, Tails has discovered a way to turn the Deadly Six’s own powers against them through the use of specially-designed “Zeti Zappers” of his own creation.

Upon arrival, Tails proves how effective the Zeti Zappers are when he sticks one onto the heavy-set Zomom. The device instantly stuns the gluttonous creature, freeing Sonic from his grasp and turning the tide of the battle. Sonic and Tails work together to tag each member of the Deadly Six with a Zeti Zapper, eventually immobilizing every one of them but Zavok. As the leader of the Six manages to catch Sonic in his claws, Tails uses the hedgehog’s iconic spin dash to smash into the villain. This stuns him long enough for Tails to tag him with the final Zeti Zapper, which finally shocks the Deadly Six’s leader into submission.

Tails’ triumph over the Deadly Six is a major milestone in the inventive fox’s personal growth. Tails has always been defined by his role as Sonic’s sidekick, but this victory proves that his mechanical prowess and clever approach to combat allows him to keep up with his idol.


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