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The New Green Ranger Just Called Out a Power Rangers Legend

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ new Green Ranger has some words for one of the franchise’s biggest stars, and they weren’t very nice.

Despite all the high-flying action and fantastic adventures, the life of a Power Ranger is nothing but trouble, as the heroes’ lives have been fraught with overwhelming confrontations and unthinkable betrayals. Now that they are on the verge of what might be the last fight of their lives, the tensions that have been brewing between Rangers are finally boiling over. And for Tommy Oliver, the focus of his frustration is none other than the latest Green Ranger, Matthew Cook, in Mighty Morphin #12 by Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Walter Baiamonte, Sara Antonellini, Katia Ranalli, and Ed Dukeshire.

As the shadow of the Empyreal threat looms high overhead, the Power Rangers have been struggling as much with one another as they have the impending disaster. Apart from the obvious issues that have been born from Billy Cranston’s work for Promethea Labs behind the Rangers’ backs, the result of that work, a new Green Ranger, has become something of a fixation for Tommy Oliver. While Matthew is busy training, Tommy decides to take the opportunity to accost him about unmasking himself to the world during Lord Zedd’s takeover of Angel Grove. From where Tommy is standing, it was a potentially costly move that puts everyone Matthew cares about at risk, but the Promethean Ranger isn’t buying it. Instead of letting Tommy question him about what was actually a heartfelt act of solidarity with the people of his city, Matthew asks Tommy point-blank whether all of this is really about Kimberly Hart, their mutual love interest.

The long-running love triangle between Matthew, Tommy, and Kimberly comes to a head as things blow up between the two young men in this issue. Tommy is insistent that his problems with Matthew have nothing to do with Kimberly. Rather, his issue is with whether or not the new Green Ranger truly understands the gravity of his actions in terms of right and wrong. That proves to be a key moment for Matthew, who hones in on the fact that Tommy isn’t really worried about Matthew himself, but the armor he has started wearing.

All Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans are familiar with Tommy’s original rise as the Green Ranger, during which he worked alongside Rita Repulsa as a villain before turning over a new leaf. There is also the matter of Lord Drakkon, the alternate reality Tommy Oliver who quite literally broke the multiverse during his violent interdimensional crusade. The fact that someone as inexperienced as Matthew has taken up Tommy’s old mantle under the guidance of Grace Sterling has left the former Green Ranger on edge over his own insecurities. Matthew is objectively correct in his assumptions even if Tommy doesn’t want to admit it, but that doesn’t mean his concerns aren’t warranted.

Grace might be a former Ranger herself, but she is also one of the few people who pose a very real threat to everything Zordon has built. She hasn’t made it any secret that she doesn’t approve of Zordon’s methods, nor has he kept hidden his intentions to take from her every ounce of Morphin power she has at her disposal once the greater threats at hand have subsided. As such, it would only make sense to assume that their eventual fight would pit Matthew against Zordon’s team, assuming they are still together when that time comes around. With any luck, Matthew and Tommy will be able to come to terms with each other before their infighting gets them killed.


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