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The Secret Suicide Squad Just Stumbled Into DC’s Mortal Kombat Tournament

In Suicide Squad: King Shark #5, Amanda Waller sends the newest version of her Task Force X team into DC’s latest Mortal Kombat tournament.

DC’s secret Mortal Kombat tournament has just suffered a major hiccup in Suicide Squad: King Shark #5 (by Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins, John Kalisz, Wes Abbott). King Shark’s rise in the tournament was interrupted when the Limbo Legion, or the Suicide Squad Black as they prefer to be called, interrupted the proceedings. The undead possessed, or otherwise demonic members of the Squad attacks at the behest of Amanda Waller, unaware of (or perhaps not caring about) the consequences that may come as a result of their actions.

The Wild Games were designed to determine who would be the next apex predator of the world for the foreseeable future. King Shark represents the sharks, just as Man-King represents humanity. Both competitors have been pushing past their competition and a final battle between the two seemed inevitable…until the Suicide Squad Black (consisting of the Gentleman Ghost, Black Bison, the Demon, and Pigeon) attacked.

There is sure to be some degree of fallout from this incursion into the tournament. The Suicide Squad was sent on the attack because Waller believes that King Shark’s participation in the Wild Games violates her agreement with his father. In her eyes, King Shark is still in her custody, and as such, she has the final say in where he goes and what he does, and she dispatched the Squad to bring Shark back home.

However, the Squad is outnumbered by a small army of animal avatars, all of whom are trained to be efficient and ruthless killers. Even though most of the members of Waller’s new team are already dead or have gone to Hell already, they may be outmatched. Even worse, King Shark might be blamed for the intrusion upon this sacred event. Even Bwana Beast seemed outraged by their transgression, citing how these games were not meant for them. But the ire regarding this attack might not be solely focused on King Shark.

Man-King could also be blamed for the transgression considering that the attackers were human, at least for the most part. As his name implies, Gentleman Ghost is a ghost, but before that he was human. Black Bison, despite being possessed, is still human. Etrigan, the Demon was never quite human, but he’s served human interests for most of his existence. And although Pigeon is now a crazed, cannibalistic monster, she also started out as human. The Parliament of Limbs might end up blaming Man-King as well, perhaps seeing this as a human attempt to ensure their continued dominance over the Earth.

Amanda Waller actually isn’t a key player in these cosmic events so much as she is crashing the party to reclaim her “property,” and she has never been afraid to stand up to greater powers. She demonstrates this once again by sending the Limbo Legion after King Shark’s father, an actual god, but even more so when she forced him into submission.

Waller is doing what she believes to be in her best interests, while not at all considering the consequences of her actions. She is willfully intervening in a cosmic tournament that might decide the fate of humanity, but she doesn’t seem to care that her actions might end up costing her species their current place in the world and is instead more concerned with gaining and keeping her power.


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