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Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2022 Is Here

  • Sunday, January 2: New Moon in Capricorn
  • Friday, January 14: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
  • Monday, January 17: Full Moon in Cancer
  • Tuesday, January 18: Uranus in Taurus Direct
  • Wednesday, January 19: North/South Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio
  • Wednesday, January 19: Aquarius season begins

Happy New Year, my vibrant intergalactic queens! As the year begins, we’re in the middle of cold (depending on where you live!) Capricorn season. It’s important to be prepared for a major energetic slowdown due to some important retrogrades in the cosmic air. Venus Retrograde in Capricorn will be in full effect, and on January 2, there’s also a New Moon in the same sign. Relationship bumps in the road or the need to restructure an important agreement can pop up. Quick warning: It’s not a great idea to try any new beauty or fashion lewks this month!

Some amazing news is that the planet of luck, growth, and prosperity (yes, our darling Jupiter) will be in its exaltation in the sign of Pisces as the year begins. Don’t worry—exaltation is a good thing, babe. Keep in mind that we already experienced a snippet of this energy from May to July of 2021 (think back to that time), so you can expect more forward movement and growth right now.

Toward the middle of the month, Mercury (reminder: communication planet) will begin its hazy retrograde period in Aquarius on January 14, then we have a Full Moon at home in the emotional water sign of Cancer on January 17. The Moon will be influenced by dreamy Neptune in Pisces and opposite from the Sun and transformative Pluto in Capricorn. This isn’t the best time to sign new contracts or hold important meetings. Don’t be surprised if your fave social media networks or tech goes down again too! On January 19, the karmic North and South Nodes of the Moon move into Taurus and Scorpio, focusing our collective attention on things like ending old cycles, finances, material goods, love, and creating abundance for the next 18 months.

Uranus (Aquarius’s ruling planet, btw) moves direct in the sign of Taurus at the beginning of Aquarius season on January 18. The Sun in Aquarius will activate the unpredictable energy of Uranus and start to encourage much-needed forward movement. This is sort of a cosmic shake-up as the year begins. Here’s what’s in store for all of the 12 zodiac signs this month!


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