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Vicky Kaushal Reveals His \’Best\’ Movie-Time Snacks – And We Love Them Too

Vicky Kaushal took to Instagram to give us a slip look into his days in New York – and it appears he is taking advantage of it. Peruse on to know more.

Since they tied the bunches in December 2021, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are winning hearts on the web. Truth be told, it won\’t be a misrepresentation to say that they make one of the cutest Bollywood couples. From their ardent notes for one another to the photos from their outlandish get-aways – Vicky and Katrina are laying several objectives for all. As of now, they are in New York, absorbing some city flows. Furthermore, we are helping looks at everything through their Instagram handles. Prior, Katrina took to the photograph sharing application to give us a slip look into her number one flapjack joint in New York. Then, she shared her \’new most loved\’ drink that she is getting a charge out of during the excursion – it\’s the sound almond milk turmeric latte. Presently, spouse Vicky Kaushal too joined the fleeting trend.

As of late, Vicky took to his Instagram handle to give us a slip look into his days in New York – and it appears he is taking full advantage of it. In one of the most recent Insta-stories, we could see Vicky unwinding in a sofa and getting a charge out of film, while eating up his number one film time snacks. Might you at any point think about what the tidbits could be? It\’s samosa and nachos with cheddar plunge. Sounds great; isn\’t that so? \”For best film experience…anywhere on the planet!\” he subtitled the story.

In another story, he further provided us with a brief look at a pizza place he as of late visited. It appears to be the pizza place was only great for an individual like Vicky Kaushal, who loves the two his motion pictures and food. The café had the banner of an exemplary film and a \”foodie\” rendition of the famous discourse (from a similar film). The banner peruses, \”I will make you a pizza you can\’t deny\”. It is essentially a version of the notorious discourse \”I will make him a deal he can\’t afford to ignore\” from the film \’Back up parent\’.


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