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FIR recorded against Bharti Singh for harming strict opinions of Sikh people group with \’Daadi-mooch\’ remark

FIR has been recorded against joke artist Bharti Singh for harming strict feelings of the Sikh people group over her remarks on \’Daadi-mooch\’ remark. The Khatra Show joke artist had generally as of late taken to web-based entertainment to post a statement of regret in the wake of getting reaction over an old video. She was blamed for harming strict feelings after a video of hers turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment in which she was ridiculing stubbles and mustaches as many said she was affronting the Sikh people group.

On Instagram, Bharti inscribed her video, \”Primary parody karti hoon logo ko khush karne ke liye na ki kisi ka dil dukhane ke liye .agar meri kisi baat se koi hurt hua ho though maaf kar dena aapni behan samjh ke (I do satire to satisfy individuals, not to make them miserable. I\’m grieved on the off chance that I hurt anybody, if it\’s not too much trouble, pardon me).\” Since, she has debilitated remarks on the post.

In the viral video, the jokester is seen conversing with Bigg Boss member Jasmin Bhasin during her appearance on her satire series Bharti Ka Show. According to she, \”Dhadhi mooch kyu nahi chahiye. Dhadhi mooch ke bade fayede hote hain. Dudh piyo, aise dhadi munh mein daalo, sewaiyon ka taste aata hai. Simple kaafi companions logo ki shaadi hui hai na, jinki itni dhaadi hai, saara clamor dhadi mein se jue nikalti rehti hai (what\’s up with stubbles and mustaches, they have many advantages. Drink milk, and afterward put the facial hair in your mouth, you will actually want to taste sewaiyaan. A considerable lot of my companions have gotten hitched to men with long whiskers, and go through the whole day eliminating lice from them).\”

The video was viral via virtual entertainment after which she got a great deal of kickback. She took to Instagram to post a video and said, \”For the beyond a couple of days, a video has been circulating around the web. Individuals have additionally sent this to me, sent messages that I have ridiculed stubbles and mustaches. If it\’s not too much trouble, watch that video, I have not referenced any religion or any position in it, or that individuals of this religion keep such whiskers and deal with such issues.\”

She proceeded, \”You can watch that video, I never said that Punjabi individuals keep whiskers. It was a certified discussion, I was doing satire with my companion. A many individuals keep whiskers and mustaches nowadays. Be that as it may, assuming individuals from any religion or position have been wounded by my remarks, I am sorry to them with collapsed hands. I\’m a Punjabi myself, brought into the world in Amritsar, I will continuously keep Punjab\’s honor and I am pleased with being a Punjabi.\”


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