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Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Confirms Worldwide Streaming Premiere

The latest entry in the landmark mecha franchise Mobile Suit Gundam confirms that it will be stream internationally alongside its Japanese broadcast.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury will be broadcast around the world this October.

During a panel dedicated to the series as this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the shows producers confirmed that international fans of the franchise will be able to enjoy a simulcast of the latest Gundam anime. The panel did not specifically state how the show would be released, but in recent years, previous entries in the series were either released for free through the Gundam Info YouTube channel, or as a streaming exclusive on Netflix.

Set in a future where private corporations control every aspect of society, The Witch From Mercury tells the story of Suletta Mercury, a timid, shy student who transfers into a technological academy run by the Beneritt Group, a massive company that is the solar system’s leading manufacturer of mobile suits. Suletta eventually becomes the pilot of the Gundam Aerial, an experimental new weapon that was developed on the planet whose name she shares. Like 2015’s Iron-Blooded Orphans before it, The Witch From Mercury is set in a brand new continuity with no story connections to any of the previous of Gundam series.

The new series will be directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi (Kiznaiver) and Ryo Ando (Food Wars! Shogeki No Shoma). The series will mark Code Geass scribe Ichiro Okouchi’s return to the sci-fi mecha genre, as they will serve as The Witch from Mercury‘s head writer. The anime will feature mecha designed by a number of industry veterans, including Kanatake Ebikawa, who previously worked on Eureka Seven and Gundam: Build FightersIron-Blooded Orphansdesigner Kenji Teraoka, and Ko Inaba, who most recently provided mecha designs for the latest entry in the Macross franchise, Macross Delta: Zettai Live!!!!!!. The series’ voice cast will be lead by singer and voice actor Kana Ichinose, who previously performed the ending theme song for fellow mecha anime Darling in the Franxx and recently starred in Kaguya-sama: Love is War Ultraromantic as the voice of Maki Shijo. Ichinose will voice Suletta in the new series.

The TV series is scheduled to debut in Japan this October, but Bandai Namco is planning to release a “Prologue” anime to the show this summer. The Prologue episode was screened for fans at the Comic-Con panel, but has yet to see an official release online.

A selection of older Gundam anime series are currently streaming on the franchise’s official YouTube channel, Gundam Info. Several Gundam shows and movies are also available for streaming on Netflix, including 2021’s Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway.


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