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‘How Was She Selected?’ Alia’s Old Audition Video Resurfaces & Fans Have Questions

Apreconceived notion that many have about the ‘Nepo kids’ or the celebrity kids in Bollywood, is that they never have to work hard for anything and get everything handed into their hands, thanks to the influence, power and money their family owns.

From auditions to roles in movies, things fall into the laps of the nepo-kids without them ever having to worry about it, according to a lot of people.

Something that a lot of fans even wondered about Alia Bhatt when she joined the Hindi film industry.

Surprised to find out that she even had to appear for an audition considering she was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, fans got their hands on an old video clip of Alia Bhatt where she can be seen giving her first audition for the role of Shanaya in Student Of The Year.

The video, which was released almost 7 years ago, has again gone viral on social media, making people wonder if she was even that great to bag the role in the first place.

Alia could be seen enacting the role of Aisha from Wake Up Sid which was originally played by actress Konkana Sen.

Fans dropped comments saying, “Thank God select nhi kiya she couldn’t do that role she looked like a kid and Aisha’s character was a bit mature and wise and that wouldn’t have suited her,” not realizing that her audition was for SOTY and not Wake Up Sid.

Another user points out, “Honestly, what was so great about her audition? Karan is like yeah worked hard,” not impressed with her performance.

At the same time, many others pointed out just how much she has grown as an actress from SOTY to Gangubai Kathiawadi where her performance was phenomenal.

Some even wondered if her connection to Ranbir Kapoor dates back to her first audition, where even the role she had to play was one from his movies.

Guess, it was meant to be right from the start!

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