On Monday, actor Anushka Sharma and cricketer husband Virat Kohli visited another restaurant in Leeds. The pictures of the couple are surfacing on the internet.

Anushka and Virat ate at Tharavadu restaurant in Leeds, England. The couple posed with the staff and guests of the restaurant. Virat was wearing a black T-shirt with grey pants and Anuska wore a white dress with a sling bag.

In a picture, Virat was seen leaving a message for the restaurant. “We love the food here always. The hospitality is amazing and we are always served food with love and care. All the best to you guys. Love, Virat and Anushka,” Virat wrote with a black marker on a porcelain plate. The couple even signed their names at the bottom.

Earlier last week, Anushka and Virat visited a vegan restaurant. Chef Rishim Sachdeva of Tendril Kitchen shared his experience in a long Instagram post. “Anushka Sharma discovered @tendril_kitchen online where she loved the photos and reviews. That made @virat.kohli call my number to book a table. I didn’t realise who had made the booking till I saw the power couple walking in to our restaurant, making me feel so proud – and a little terrified that they enjoy the food and experience of dining at Tendril! Serving them and speaking to them, I quickly realised they are what they are for a reason – super humble and incredibly talented,” he said.

Anushka even posted a story on her Instagram handle and wrote, “Best vegetarian/vegan food ever !”

Moreover, Anushka is with Virat for the entire England series. They are joined there by their baby girl, Vamika.

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