Meet Poonam Gupta, NRI businesswoman who gave Rs 1.5 crore job to husband; their current net worth is massive

Poonam Gupta is an inspiration for those who want to leave their mark on the world. She immigrated to Scotland from India in 2002 and hasn’t looked back since. She has created a net worth of over Rs 1000 crore. However, Poonam Gupta, one of the best known women entrepreneurs of the United Kingdom.

Gupta was recently in India to participate in the NRI event. She shared an interesting anecdote. She once asked her husband to join her business but he told her she won’t be able to afford him. At the time of their interaction, her husband’s salary was Rs 80 lakh per annum. Poonam kept growing her business. Later, her husband worked for her at a salary of Rs 1.5 crore.

In 2002, Poonam Gupta got married to Puneet Gupta, who had been working in Scotland. Her husband used to work in the health sector.

Poonam Gupta had an MBA degree but no one employed her as she had no experience.

Then she decided to start her own business. Upon research, she realized European and American companies would throw tons of scrap paper just because they wanted to sell the best product on the market. These companies would then spend crores in disposing off this paper.

She realized after 10 months of intense research that this waste paper could be recycled and re-used. She started buying scrap paper from companies in Italy, Finland, Sweden and the United States.

Her first client was an Italian company. She told the company that she would pay them later. For them, it was already a liability so they agreed. Poonam Gupta had already found a buyer in India. In her first deal, she generated a revenue of Rs 40 lakh in return for two containers worth of paper.

She kept earning money through these deals.

In the year 2004, she registered a company called PG Paper, in Scotland. Her profit was increasing exponentially. She needed an ally to take part in her journey. So she asked Puneet to join the business. At that time his annual package was Rs 80 lakh. He refused the offer said Poonam won’t be able to afford her, reported Bhaskar.

She asked her to join the company part-time for six months. Puneet worked for 6 months and later agreed to join her full-time. Poonam Gupta offered her package of Rs 1.50 crore.

The couple then expanded their business. They also tried their hands in construction, IT and hospitality businesses. Soon their company’s net worth was over Rs 1,000 crore. She is still not satisfied. She wants her company’s net worth to be Rs 1 lakh crore.

They now own 9 companies and have offices in 7 countries.

Poonam Gupta began her business in her home. Since 2015, their headquarters is in Custom House in Greenock, Scotland. Now she owns companies like PG World, SAPP Holdings, SAPP International, SAPP Property, EnVisage Dental Health, Punav.

Her annual turnover is £60 million. She has business transactions in 60 countries. She has offices in India, the US, China, Sweden, Turkey.

She has a degree in Economics from SRCC Delhi and then an MBA from Maastricht School of Management in Holland.

They have two daughters.

She is also a well-known philanthropist.

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