‘Konda’ is Ram Gopal Varma‘s next flick. A biopic based on the life of Konda Murali and Konda Surekha from Warangal, the movie is produced by Malla Reddy and Naveen Reddy. The biopic stars Adith Arun and Irra Mor in lead roles.

The news is that the trailer for ‘Konda’ will drop at 10:25 am on Wednesday. January 26 witnessed a turning point in the Konda couple’s life when, many years ago, a failed assassination bid on the life of Murali saved him.

RGV has released a monologue talking about the emotion behind ‘Konda’. He seems to have shown the Konda couple as extraordinary people who rose to the occasion when they were needed. Their blood-thirsty rivals seem to be getting a brutal portrayal in the action drama.

Since the Konda couple are devotees of Maisamma, RGV makes it a point to name the deity in his monologue. It seems the director is true to the subject, setting aside his personal views about God’s existence or otherwise.

Produced by Company Production and YoYo Talkies, the film has cinematography by Malharbhatt Joshi.

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