Let’s take a walk down the memory lane to when Aamir Khan took a subtle dig at Shah Rukh Khan

Both the Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan share a great bond when it comes to the current days, but it wasn’t always this way! There was a time when they both didn’t miss a chance to spew hate on each other.

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane to when the ‘PK’ actor took a subtle dig at King Khan!

During a conversation with Mumbai Mirror in the past, Aamir Khan had spoken about Shah Rukh Khan by saying that SRK was being bitter because his movies were not doing well at the box office.

Aamir Khan then had gone on to say that he had been working in the industry for over two decades and he had never made any remarks about anybody. “However, over the years I noticed that Shah Rukh has been repeatedly talking about me publicly. In all fairness, I too decided not to remain quiet and respond to him publicly,” Aamir said.

Apparently, during that time, reports had claimed that Shah Rukh Khan stated that his children would never be Aamir’s fans.

When being asked about that, Aamir said, “Let me say one thing clearly, no matter what Shah Rukh tells his children, I will tell my kids to always love and respect him. What he teaches his children is entirely up to him. I can understand that he is bitter as his films have not done well.”

The ‘Lagaan’ actor then went on to add that he only had respect for Shah Rukh and wished him all the very best. “I do understand that Shah Rukh works very hard and gives a number of interviews, which I think is a wonderful quality. I think he is upset as his films have not done as well as he expected them to but I wish him all the success he deserves.”

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