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Marvel Revealed Moon Knight’s Final Form and a New Power – and They’re Both Terrifying

Moon Knight just revealed his final form and a new power that will either define him as one of Marvel’s greatest heroes or its biggest threat.

Marc Spector’s return as Moon Knight has come off the heels of one of his most life-changing sagas, and the repercussions of turning his back on his patron god have been shocking. However, the Hunter’s Moon, remains loyal to Khonshu, and has taken a somewhat adversarial position against Marc. First up on the Hunter’s Moon’s list of trials is to put Moon Knight up against an army of unwitting and innocent combatants by way of another superpowered threat. Unfortunately for his adversaries, Marc Spector is more powerful than anyone expected, and Moon Knight #2 — by Jed McKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit — shows that what he is capable of might be more terrifying than any foe he has ever faced.

Marc’s most recent endeavor, the Midnight Mission, has proven to be an early success by attracting locals in need to ask for whatever help Moon Knight can offer. As far as the hero is concerned, it is his divine duty to protect the people under his purview, and that includes investigating the string of attacks by elder citizens who are left with no knowledge of their actions after the fact. When a man comes in beaten and bloodied by a mob originating from his own apartment building, it doesn’t take long for Moon Knight to hone in on the building’s janitor as the culprit. After offering to take on Hawley, the villainous maintenance worker, Moon Knight gets a chance to demonstrate just how powerful he really is.

Marc is certain that his dissociative identity disorder won’t be an issue for Hawley to maneuver around, considering the man’s previous boasting about how much he enjoys using his powers, but Moon Knight’s mind is still unique. Over the years Moon Knight has had his mind ripped apart and remade on more than one occasion, with even Khonshu having left his mark on it. This is something that has previously become a point of conversation between Marc and his therapist, but the hero now proves able to weaponize his mind to horrifying effect.

Presenting himself as a towering god, Moon Knight picks up the helpless Hawley before explaining how the scars that he has been left with are his greatest weapon. This sort of epic mental combat isn’t something that is necessarily new to the character, as Moon Knight has been shown to have enough willpower to resist telepathy and exert control over his mental and astral forms.

Still, the way that Marc wraps Hawley up in bandages before leaving him neatly packed away in a sarcophagus within his mind has never been seen by this character before. To top it all off, the fact that Hawley appears to now be a permanent fixture within Moon Knight’s psyche could be a ticking time bomb on its own. Marc has suffered from his dissociative identity disorder in awful ways in the past, so keeping a maniac such as Hawley next to his other personalities could be a recipe for disaster.

There is also the possibility that this could provide Moon Knight with the opportunity to understand or even tap into Hawley’s abilities for himself, not unlike the villainous Sylar from the Heroes television show, who consumed the brains of his victims in order to steal their powers for himself. If that were in fact the case, then there would be next to nothing stopping Marc Spector from becoming the most formidable force in the Marvel Universe.

Marc Spector has never been depicted as a cold-blooded killer at heart, and it doesn’t appear that he did anything fatal to Hawley. Regardless, Spector has just debuted a new skill that has the potential to shape Moon Knight into one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel universe…or its greatest threat.


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