29 Years of Deewana & Shah Rukh Khan: 7 Unknown Facts about the two

  1. Hema Malini’s Dil Aashna Hai and not Deewana should be Shah Rukh Khan’s presentation film. Hema’s underlying delivery on December 18 1992 got deferred in light of the Babri Masjid destruction and the resulting agitation in the country. anyway, Dil Aashna Hai was SRK’s first film. It finally delivered on December 25, fourteen days late.

  2. Divya Bharti was a moment star. Shah Rukh Khan had effectively become the country’s sensation. Deewana had delivered two months sooner and … well… a star was conceived! Unintentionally, the late Divya Bharti was SRK’s co-star in his initial two deliveries Deewana and Dil Aashna Hai. Also, however, the previous delivered first, SRK had marked the last first.

  3. Reviewing how she marked Shah Rukh, Hema Malini had disclosed to me how he met her as a rookie in Mumbai and when she advised him, she was turning chief, he demanded being in the film. “I disclosed to him gruffly that the film depended on the young lady’s person. He could play her sweetheart which was a short job. He demanded assuming the part. I wish I could give him more to do,” Hema communicated lament. The film was ripped off from the Shirley Conan top-of-the-line novel Lace. Numerous years after the fact Hema coordinated a similar story with her girl, Esha Deol ahead of the pack in a film entitled Tell Me Oh Kkhuda. Both the variants of the story were devastating lemon. Divya Bharati had a brief however splendid profession as the main woman before she passed on under profoundly puzzling conditions.

  4. Both SRK’s introduction and sophomore movies co-featured Divya Bharati. Indeed she played the focal person in both of SRK’s introduction and post-debut discharges. SRK reviewed Divya as persevering and centered star material. Demise grabbed her away before she could get the fame she merited. In 1992 Divya had two deliveries Deewanaand Shola Aur Shabnam, both super hits.

  5. The genuine star of Raj Kanwar’s Deewana was intended to be Rishi Kapoor. His melody ‘Sochenge Tujhe Pyar’was upstaged by Shah Rukh’s initial tune ‘Koi Na Koi Chahiye Pyar Karne Wala’. Shah Rukh’s two-part harmony ‘Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kabhi’ with Divya was a straight lift of the melody of the Kannada tune Kanasalu Neene Manasalu Neenefrom the 1976 Kannada film Bayalu Daari.

  6. Deewana was the second-most noteworthy earning film of 1992 right behind Indra Kumar’s Beta and in front of Mukul Anand’s Khuda Gawah. It made Raj Kanwar quite possibly the most saleable name among Bollywood chiefs. Very much like Divya, Raj kicked the bucket generally youthful.

  7. SRK’s job was reserved for Armaan Kohli. He went for the movie and afterward left because of contrasts with the chief.

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