Anubhav Sinha reveals the lyrics of iconic ghazal ‘Koi Fariyaad’ from Tum Bin were dubbed rejected 81 times

‘Koyi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise’ is a song of heartbreak that is still remembered for its soulful wordings and tunes. But did you know how much hard work was put into creating this classic song? The story behind the making of the song is very fascinating. It was Anubhav Sinha’s directorial debut and Faaiz Anwar; a shayar had a difficult time convincing him. Anubhav had asked Faaiz to write couplets and make a whole song around it, but he kept rejecting till he got the desired result.

He reminisced about the ghazal being an integral part of the story-telling. In fact, when he approached Faaiz Anwar, the latter was essentially a shayar and not a lyricist. He told him to write a ghazal for Tum Bin as his whole idea was to write a song around that couplet. He also remembered about how he kept refusing lines after lines, until one day, he got a call from Anwar. That’s when he heard the famous lines “Ek lamhe mein simat aaya hai sadiyon ka safar. Zindagi tez bahut tez chali ho jaise.” He immediately knew it was the couplet he was looking for. In fact, Anubhav revealed that he approved this after rejecting 81 couplets.

In fact, ghazal legend Jagjit Singh too dubbed it several times until he was satisfied with the outcome. As it was a song of heartbreak, Jagjit Singh wanted to do justice to the tonality and gave a blockbuster treat to his fans which is still remembered for its emotional appeal. Despite being a ghazal it was given a modern touch by music composers Nikhil and Vinay, which made Jagjit Singh come back to the studio for self-improvisation and finally managed to outdo himself.

Speaking about the legendary singer’s dedication, Anubhav revealed about how Jagjit Singh decided to dub that song once again when he was off shooting for the song. The legendary singer had suggested to him, that he should go out and start shooting the song with the recorded version they already had; and by the end of that day, he would finish dubbing for the song once again. Anubhav, also stated, that despite it being the era of no internet, the singer recorded the song in three different sessions and it was finalized as the version that we hear now.

Tum Bin featured Sandali Sinha, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Himanshu Malik and Raqesh Bapat in lead. The film marked its 20 years anniversary on July 13.

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