Neetu Kapoor appeared to be in a pleasant mood following the arrival of Alia Bhatt as her daughter-in-law. Alia just married Ranbir Kapoor, her longtime boyfriend, in a private ceremony attended by family and close friends.

Recently, Neetu was asked about Alia just before entering Wednesday’s Dance Deewane Juniors sets. “Aapki bahu kaisi hai?” (How is your daughter-in-law doing?),” Neetu was questioned by the photographer, to which she responded, ” “Bahut badhiya hai”

Neetu Kapoor recently discussed Alia Bhatt’s visit to her home and the extent to which she will allow her to take control. Neetu posted a video on Instagram promoting Dance Deewane Juniors, in which she says, “Only daughter-in-law, main chahti hoon sirf bahu ki chale (Only daughter-in-law, I’d like her to have the final say).”

Neetu had already spoken about her relations with Alia. “My relationship with my mother-in-law was outstanding,” she told. I’m certain she cherished me more than her son.” Additionally, she emphasised her desire to “share the same equation with Alia because she is outstanding and amazing.”

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