Virat Kohli has proceeded to become one of India’s better slip defenders absolutely with training: R.Sridhar

Previous India handling mentor R.Sridhar has guaranteed that Virat Kohli became one of the better slip defenders for the group through training.


  • Kohli is considered to be one of India’s best fielders
  • Sridhar claimed that none of the fielding session would tired out the former India captain
  • Sridhar also hailed Kohli as the template to follow for any young cricketer when it comes to fielding

India’s previous handling mentor R.Sridhar has asserted that Virat Kohli became one of India’s best slip defenders simply through training and furthermore opened up on the power displayed by the star hitter during instructional meetings.

From the outset of his global vocation, Kohli has been viewed as perhaps of the best defender in world cricket. The wellness levels showed by the 33-year-old have likewise been first class all through his profession and he keeps on setting the principles until the end of his partners in that perspective.

Conversing with, as cited by Hindustan Times, Sridhar guaranteed that Kohli became one of India’s better slip defenders through training. The previous India mentor guaranteed that at first he wasn’t great there as the star player was excessively vigorous.

“Virat Kohli has proceeded to become one of India’s better slip defenders absolutely with training. He was not a generally excellent slip defender at first since he was excessively enthusiastic – he was a firecracker – and that is Kohli. Not that he isn’t fiery at this point. He is still a lot of there yet he can realize that when will generally be quiet and he has directed his energy better. Yet, I’m letting you know it’s training,” said Sridhar.

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Sridhar likewise proceeded to discuss Kohli’s force during preparing and said that the previous India commander seldom got worn out by the meetings. The previous mentor likewise said that the star player is a layout for any youthful cricketer to follow with regards to handling.

“I have had meetings with him when I have tired, and I said ‘Virat, stop’. Yet, he could ask ‘no, would you say you are drained? I need to get more’. Also, I’m like continuing forever… scratching 100 of gets to him. Furthermore, it’s not only an oddball day. Each series. There are a couple of days where he takes in excess of 100 gets on meeting. Furthermore, the energy with which he does it is amazing. As far as I might be concerned, that is sight which I will keep with me a secret forever… Virat Kohli rehearsing.”

“What’s more, in any event, for slip getting… a great many gets. Be it Brisbane, Ahmedabad, Southampton. Any place he is. With regards to handling, the power with which he does it is an illustration; he is a layout for any youthful cricketer to follow. He needs it quick, unmistakable… ‘give me more on my left side, on my right side. More one-gave, two-gave. What’s more, in the event that he things the ball is coming excessively sluggish, he would move forward and challenge his response,” said Sridhar.

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