Top 10 web series in world

Top 10 web series in world

Title: Top 10 Most Popular Web Series Worldwide in 2018: A Comprehensive Guide

Meta Description: Discover the top 10 most-watched web series worldwide in 2018 that captivated audiences with their diverse genres and compelling storylines. From Game of Thrones to Stranger Things, this guide will help you choose your next binge-worthy show.


– The emergence of web series as a dominant force in the Indian entertainment industry in 2018
– Offering a new perspective to audiences tired of traditional Hindi films
– Introduction to the top 10 most-watched web series worldwide in 2018

  1. Game of Thrones (2011–2019):

– A fantasy television series based on A Song of Ice and Fire
– Set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and Essos
– Chronicles the dynastic struggles for the Iron Throne and independence
– Increasing viewership from season one to season eight
– Received critical acclaim and high ratings

  1. Stranger Things (2016):

– A Netflix original series set in a small community
– Centers around a boy who goes missing and supernatural occurrences
– Multi-genre mix of horror, suspense, drama, and mystery
– High ratings and popularity on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes
– Season four breaking Netflix viewing records

  1. The Walking Dead (2010–2022):

– AMC series about survivors in a zombie apocalypse
– Follows police officer Rick Grimes and his group
– Gradual increase in viewership, reaching a peak in season five
– Decline in viewership in later seasons
– Combination of horror, drama, and serial elements

  1. Money Heist (2017–2021):

– Spanish heist criminal drama available on Netflix
– Focuses on a mastermind and his group of robbers in a hostage situation
– High ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes
– The show quickly gained global popularity on Netflix

  1. Mirzapur (2011–2019):

– Hindi web series known for its themes of power and passion
– Season two broke records on Amazon Prime Video in India
– Highly anticipated third season

  1. The Squid Game (2021):

– Korean-language web series with a unique premise
– Contestants compete in deadly games for lucrative prizes
– Rapidly became the most popular show in Netflix’s history
– Surpassed 111 million viewers globally

  1. Vikings (2013–2020):

– Historical drama series depicting the transformation of Ragnar Lothbrok
– Initially high ratings, followed by a decline in the later seasons
– Adventure, drama, and historical elements

  1. Breaking Bad (2008–2013):

– Highly acclaimed series about a chemistry teacher turned meth producer
– Named the most critically acclaimed series of all time
– Successful five-season run

  1. Lucifer (2016–2021):

– Comedy-drama series featuring Lucifer, a demon living in Los Angeles
– Became the number one original streaming program in the United States
– Good ratings and popularity across six seasons

  1. Prison Break (2005–2017):

– Serial drama about a man wrongfully accused and imprisoned
– Combination of drama, crime, and action thriller genres
– Critically acclaimed and award-winning

– The rise of web series in 2018 provided a fresh and diverse alternative to traditional Hindi films in India
– The top 10 most-watched web series worldwide offered a range of genres and compelling storylines
– Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, horror, drama, or crime, there’s a web series for everyone to enjoy

CTA: Ready to dive into the world of web series? Check out these top 10 most-watched web series worldwide and start your binge-watching journey today!

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